It, God

It, God
the divine
and spirit
not he
nor she
but it
here now
and beyond
the truth
of reality
what is
it’s life
and love
the light
and sound
we see
and hear
as beings
in the arms
of it, God
the divine
and spirit.

“It, God” — trinity in common language

Mixolydian — double 8-string guitar, double voice, tingsha cymbals, tanpura — 5:40 — as loop on a separate tab

In search of truth

Truth stands firm in its own strength, no matter what. This is reality.

“No matter how you hope, no matter how you try, you can’t make truth out of a lie.”
The Berenstain Bears and the truth, Stan & Jane Berenstain, p. 1

“If you want something new, try something new. Create what you wish existed.”
“Lose yourself in what you love. Find yourself there too.”
“Worrying uses your imagination to create things you don’t want. And your mind will believe what you feed it. So feed it hope. Feed it love. Feed it truth.”
“Don’t wait for things to be simpler, easier, or better. Life will always be complicated. Learn to be happy now. And know that no matter the time or day, it will always be now.”
Finding Muchness — How to add more life to life, Kobi Yamada

“What are you doing?” asked Tiny Dragon. “I’ve no idea,” said Big Panda, “but it’s great fun.”
“This garden is beautiful,” said Tiny Dragon. Big Panda nodded. “And we only found it because we went the wrong way so many times.”
“What if I meet people who don’t like me or the things I do?” asked Tiny Dragon. “You must walk your own path,” said Big Panda. “Better to lose them than lose yourself.”
“I give up,” said Tiny Dragon. “That’s OK,” said Big Panda. “We’ll try again tomorrow.”
“Are we nearly there yet?” asked Tiny Dragon. Big Panda smiled. “I hope not.”
Big Panda and Tiny Dragon, James Norbury, pp. 63, 75, 84, 130, and 155

It, God
Dreams come true — summit meditation gazebo — the high point of a county — April 2022 — Chanhassen, MN