One more time

One more time
May be the last
We come to see
Each other now
And embrace
Heart to heart
Soul and spirit
The divine is
Just what it is
With or without
Name and dogma
However for myself
Now I chose without
After promoting with
One right after another
Till spiritual freedom
The very promise
And realization
Go detached
A heart of love
On its own feet
Firm and strong
Garden of God
River that flows
Upward to heaven
So happy here now
All light and sound
And blessings be!

“Gitabats blues” — an ornate blue flight

PentaBluNa — 8-string guitar, tingsha cymbal pair, bass, tanpura — March 2022 — 7:28 — as loop on a separate tab

Water flows — by Karin Gsöllpointner

Water flows
A pebble falls in
Circles flow out
Until they dissolve
In the big of all.

Hand-off one more time to a blood moon

One more time
Blood moon night — May 2022 — photo by Karin Gsöllpointner