Who cares

Who cares
For this
And more

Who looks
With eyes
Open now

Who listens
That much
Is sound

So many
Sing songs
All talk

Look closely
At oneself
And others

This many
So much
That is

With love
Who cares!

“HU cares” — a sound cycle pūjā

Aeolian — double 8-string guitar and multiple voice — June 2022 — 5:09 — as loop on a separate tab

Truth, goodness, love, and beauty

Truth, goodness, love, and beauty are commonly regarded as poetic ideas, but they are, in essence, spiritual facts. These are the ideas which one should include in his speech and thoughts. They are the language of soul and bring about an awakening of that pervading, persuasive urge in man to realize himself in his totality, as a being essentially spiritual and eternal. Truth as given by spirit is neither esoteric, strange, nor fanciful. It is at once sublime, universal, and profoundly practical.

Truth cannot be taken as one’s own discovery, but it has to be continually rediscovered. It has to be reformed and transformed if its meaning, its living value, and spiritual nourishment are to be preserved. This is known as the law of spiritual growth, which results in the necessity to experience the same truth in ever-new forms, and to cultivate and propagate not so much the results, but the methods through which soul obtains knowledge, experience, and reality.

— Free after: The Shariyat-Ki-Sugmad, Books One & Two, Paul Twitchell, pp. 425 and 433

Who cares for unfolding leaves embracing morning dew

Who cares
Morning dew gathered in unfolding leaves — May 2022 — Grächwil, Switzerland — photo by Karin Gsöllpointner