June 2022 Tonalibus update

This June 2022 Tonalibus update confirms the global release of the new album “Tonalibus D & E”. Further it touches on Tonalibus playlists and the main menu option Sounds. And it presents a few inspiring quotes on harmony and a concluding image.

New album “Tonalibus D & E”

This new album is now globally available on music platforms like Spotify, Deezer, YouTube Music, Apple Music, Amazon, etc. These and further platforms are listed on the page Tonalibus D & E — Album. There are also detailes about its twenty-seven uplifting tracks. Below as sample is “चैतन्य Chaitanya — blues”.

“चैतन्य Chaitanya — blues” — G# Mixolydian with D# TetraNa / A# Norcor inversion — fretted vichitra veena and double 3/4 violin — January 2022 — 9:47 — as loop on a separate tab

Tonalibus playlists and Sounds update

Playlists are now primarily under Sounds. The playlist “Tonalibus F” already features four new recordings, including “Phrygian HU” — a meditative blues (below). All playlist tracks are also available under Sounds by season. Recently Summer 2022 came about, since Spring 2022 is complete.

“Phrygian HU” — Phrygian — multiple 8-string guitar, voice, crotales, tampura — 10:20 — as loop on a separate tab

One, two, three… in harmony and music

“Lao-Tzu, around 600 B.C.E., wrote, ‘One has produced Two, Two has produced Three.’ A commentator explains, ‘These words mean that One has been divided into Yin, the female principle, and Yang, the male principle. These two have joined, and out of their junction has come a third, Harmony. The spirit of Harmony, as it condenses, produces all beings.'”

“Indeed, Pythagoras, who lived in Greece around the same time that Lao-Tzu lived in China, thought that tripling was the only acceptable harmonic principle; consequently, the harmonic system generated by compounding fifths and reducing octaves is called Pythagorean.”

“G lives between C and D … It is a light that goes on inside.”

Harmonic Experience, W. A. Mathieu, pp. 34-36

June 2022 Tonalibus update image

June 2022 Tonalibus update
Dandelion seeds ready to be carried by the wind into the big open world — May 2022 — Grächwil, Switzerland

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