Tonality of the month: PentaCor

PentaCor — extra sound sample, calm — 8-string guitar — June 2022 — 3:18 — as loop on a separate tab

The tonality of the month of July 2022 is PentaCor, a Core tonality and extra pentatonality.

Core tonalities are a diverse collection of specific hepta-, hexa-, and pentatonalites with a common core. Though only partially or progressively anchored (with the exception of fully anchored BlueMix), they are most uniquely anchored in that they contain all four corners of the sound temple. Besides the fundamental or octave, these are the minor third, tritone, and major sixth. As a result of containing all four corners of the sound temple, they tend towards dissolving tonality. Thus they can open up more freedom in experiencing sound.

The addition of the quint to the four corners of the sound temple produces the pentatonality PentaCor. The quint strengthens its fundamental and anchors it in a more common sense of harmony and tonality.

The above PentaCor sound sample provides the foundation of the following personal sound sample “Let’s listen” for meditation. It modulates from PentaCor via HexaCorMix by adding the major sixth to LoReachUpMix that includes also the minor second.

“Let’s listen” — a personal meditation — from PentaCor via HexaCorMix to LoReachUpMix and back — double 8-string guitar and gongs — June 2022 — 13:21 — as loop on a separate tab — also available with voice as “Let’s talk” — a personal manifesto
Tonality of the month: PentaCor
Tonality of the month: PentaCor — as above so below — May 2022 — Etang de la Gruère, Switzerland