Sensitive — more or less

Sensitive — more or less
To ever blowing oneself up
Or even putting others down
Which does show weakness
And then as strength clearly
Where one’s consciousness
Still remains very human
And asks to be polished
With silent compassion
For oneself and all others
Recognize and step through
The gate of spiritual freedom
To simply relish the moment
Of the divine realizing itself
Without coloring or claim
To be any better or worse
But just be, simply being
What it is, you and we are
Unfolding in consciousness
In light and sound — and love.

“New moon rising” — a sensitive welcome

ReachNaBal — 8-string guitar — July 2022 — 4:52 — as loop on a separate tab

You may enjoy a sound sample or tonality loop as sound mantra for contemplation or meditation. This can help with upliftment, purification, and focusing. Or it could simply be used as soothing background sound for relaxation and regeneration. If you care to hum, chant, or sing along, you could use a spiritually charged syllable like HU or Ōṃ / Aum ॐ, or another mantra syllable that suits you.

Sensitive -- more or less
Sensitive, more or less — Marco helps experiment with the above sound sample, while shy Polo still keeps a safe distance — July 2022 — Shoreview, MN