July 2022 Tonalibus update

This July 2022 Tonalibus update highlights some website changes. It announces the new main menu language selection and links to the Tonalibus / Ulrico pages on some major global music platforms. First though, it presents the latest playlist and sound sample additions. And it concludes with a spiritual reminder quote and a an fascinating 8-second video clip.

Playlist and sound sample updates

“New moon rising” — a sensitive welcome — 4:52 — 8-string guitar — ReachNaBalas loop on a separate tab

New additions to playlist Tonalibus F and/or the Summer 2022 collection of personal sound samples include the following pieces:
1) “New moon rising” — a sensitive welcome — 4:52 — 8-string guitar — ReachNaBal — (above)
2) “Let’s talk” — a personal manifesto — 13:21 — double 8-string guitar, voice, and gongs — based on the four corners of the sound temple, from PentaCor, via HexaCorMix to LoReachUpMix and back
3) “Let’s listen” — a personal meditation — 13:21 — double 8-string guitar and gongs — based on the four corners of the sound temple, from PentaCor, via HexaCorMix to LoReachUpMix and back — plain instrumental version of “Let’s talk” without voice — (under Summer 2022)
4) And there are corresponding new extra tonality sound samples for ReachNaBal and PentaCor.

July 2022 Tonalibus update on menu options and translations

The page Contact of this website is now accessible as the last secondary menu option under About.

Under Start you now find links to the Tonalibus / Ulrico pages on some major music platforms.

 July 2022 Tonalibus update

The language selection option for English, German, French, or Italian is now a main menu option.

 July 2022 Tonalibus update

The Tonalibus website currently experiences isolated translation problems. In English all works well. But in German, French, and Italian some links that target a specific place in the body of a page land on the top of the target page instead of the desired location on that page. This happens e.g. with the link Blog Posts by Month, a secondary main menu option under Spiritualibus Blog, with some links as loop with recent sound samples, or with some tonality subgroup menu links like for Pentatonalities. The provider of the currently used translation engine is busy working on resolving this.

An old spiritual reminder quote as July 2022 update

“I have no special message to give but to remind you of the teaching of Maharaj Sawan Singh Ji, which he impressed on us all through his life and which constitutes the essence of the teachings of the saints of all times. What is their mission in this world? Saints are men of God, who come here on a mission of mercy to lead the suffering humanity back to the feet of God. That is their only mission in life. They come not to divide but to unite and are above the narrow distinctions of caste and creed. They do not wish to create new sects or castes, though when they pass away, their followers lose sight of their real teachings and take to various types of ritualism and narrow down the teachings, meant for the whole humanity, to particular sects and schools. This gives rise to castes or creeds and even bigotry and fanaticism; but there are no such differences in saints.

“Saints of all ages and countries have the same message to give, the same truth to teach. They tell us that the soul is a spark of the divine flame, but its light here is dimmed by mind and maya. They teach us how to pierce these veils and get united again to our source or origin.”

Message to overseas disciples in 1957 from Maharaj Charan Singh

A maple leaf, angular tracks, and freedom of light

Sunlight through foliage caressing the ground around a maple leaf — 8 seconds — July 2022 — Chanhassen, MN