The highest

The highest
It’s highest
So we think
And elevate
Into exclusion
Rather descends
Losing the height
In egotistic claims
Often for control
Just plain power
Instead of love
Discard pseudo
In everyone else
Termed negative
With a monopoly
On every positive
At the very best
Worst deception
Disband this hold
Relish the height
Without spinning
In loving silence
A spark of eyes
And tears of joy
In an embrace
Of the highest
Ever new again
Welcome home!

“Gratitude in advance” — a true gift

HexaBluNa or HexaLolo — 7-string guitar, 8-string guitar, crotales, gong, and tampura — 6:10 — as loop on a separate tab

Compassion and loving kindness

“We cannot place blame: we have the opportunity to learn from these problems [environmental, health, social, etc.], which can help us to develop strength within ourselves. We can share that strength and can transform one another through the practice of compassion and loving kindness for one another.”

— Dr. Tsering Palmo, founding nun of the Ladakh Nuns Association, quoted by Emma Lewis of the Asian Legacy Library in her article “Metta in Action: Buddhist Nuns in Ladakh Fight Climate Change“, April 2022, Tricycle

Full moon rising high, maybe the highest

The highest
Full moon rising over the Alps — May 2022 — Grächwil, Switzerland