August 2022 Tonalibus update

This August 2022 Tonalibus update announces the latest personal sound samples and a change in Spiritualibus blog posts. It concludes with a message on therapeutic music and a personal photo.

Personal sound samples and playlist update

August 2022 Tonalibus update

Playlist Tonalibus F — So many colors of reality will soon conclude and make room to start Tonalibus G. Because by now Tonalibus F already consists of ten pieces and offers some 102 minutes of meditative new music. Most recent additions, which are also under Sounds in Summer 2022, include: “Individual bhajan” — a progression experiment, and “Gratitude in advance” — a true gift.

“Individual bhajan” — concieved as theme for a personal theater production — Phrygian, ReachMin, ReachMix, Mixolydian — 8-string guitar, tingsha cymbals, gong, and double voice — 13:08 — as loop on a separate tab
“Gratitude in advance” — inspired by a gift of true love prepared before the first encounter HexaBluNa or HexaLolo — 7-string guitar, 8-string guitar, crotales, gong, and tampura — 6:10 — as loop on a separate tab

August 2022 Spiritualibus blog update

In recent months it was possible to add comments to new posts on the Spiritualibus Blog. However as of now this capability is no longer available. It was turned off because there were more comments from unidentifiable sources and potential hackers coming in than usable contributions.

Therapeutic music — become a friend of the NSBTM

“Perhaps you have had this experience.  You or a loved one is struggling with pain, depression, fear, sleeplessness, or loss of will. Then someone steps in to say, ‘Let me be with you, just as you are.’ The offer is to share space and music with another without words, judgment or objective to change or modify the other, and without expectation of praise or reward. Many times, music accompanies the sacred liminal space between now and what is to come. This is the role of the therapeutic musician.

“The certified therapeutic musician is a highly trained professional whose objective is to provide intentional music at the bedside and other settings to work together with the other’s mood, body rhythms, culture, and musical preferences to provide comfort care. The anecdotal as well as documented evidence of the benefits of therapeutic music are extensive. Among other valuable results, therapeutic music has been shown to move heart rate, blood pressure, and respirations to more optimal levels and to ease anxiety and reduce pain. This musical support is accomplished at a very low cost and without negative side effects.”

Rachel Christensen, NSBTM Secretary, National Standards Board for Therapeutic Musicians

Reflections of a warm summer evening farewell

August 2022 Tonalibus update
Lights on and bridge over the Aare on a warm summer evening — August 2022 — Bern, Switzerland