Beyond duality…

Beyond duality…
No black and white
But most colorful
Not just negative
Nor even positive
But life and love
No odds with ire
But complement
Of odd and even
Circles and waves
Plus most of all
No endings ever
Without beginnings
Harmony in nature
No fighting oneself
But peace at heart
Observing in all
And everything
How God realizes
Itself every moment
Nurturing each and all
Balancing the scales
In spirit’s freedom
Promised to soul
But unexpected
By detaching all
From one or only
Beyond duality…

“Holy sham” — a short sound excursion far out — for M&M

Mixolydian on G, spiced — multiple fujara and 8-string guitar — 4:25 — as loop on a separate tab

Duality and going beyond

It started by rebelling against exclusive dogma. The bubble had held for decades. But finally it burst. Tolerance for putting others down to make oneself appear greater evaporated. Together with the willingness to sweet-talk or ignore excesses of self-promotion, especially when at the expense of others. Still, gratitude supersedes it all. Spiritual freedom was realized as promised. Not at all as expected though, but with startling detachment to the extent of apparent cutoff and distancing.

The essence of the loving heart goes beyond duality. Not from one side to the other, but melting and fusing all into a unified whole. Harmony in nature is divine. One enables the existence of the other. The rodent and its predator. The raptor and the chick. Populations keep each other in balance. One helps the other from one moment to the next, from one incarnation to another. Humans see many wars with each other — until one individually realizes that all she or he is fighting against is one’s very self and stops it all to just be in harmony and balance, in divine love. Beyond duality…

Beyond duality was also the topic of a previous Spiritualibus blog post on December 25, 2020.

Finally some inspiration from ancient Greece

“In the dialogue Phaedo, Plato formulated his famous Theory of Forms as distinct and immaterial substances of which the objects and other phenomena that we perceive in the world are nothing more than mere shadows. … Forms are the universalia ante res, i.e. they are ideal universals, by which we are able to understand the world. In his allegory of the cave, Plato likens the achievement of philosophical understanding to emerging into the sun from a dark cave, where only vague shadows of what lies beyond that prison are cast dimly upon the wall. Plato’s forms are non-physical and non-mental. They exist nowhere in time or space, but neither do they exist in the mind, nor in the pleroma of matter; rather, matter is said to ‘participate’ in form (μεθεξις, methexis).”
— from Wikipedia on mind–body dualism

Beyond duality...
Tonalibus assistant Luna, the three-legged cat — September 2022 — Grächwil, Switzerland