It was no mistake

It was no mistake
To de-personify God
The divine in us all
Coming in and out
Not in one and only
But in her and him
And in you and me
At times when fit
It all falls in place
A pivot of harmony
Spirit comes through
Visible and audible
For ears to hear
And eyes to see.
Can you hear it
And do you see
Are you ready
To let go all
And embrace
More and more
All that exists
Free of things
That are not
And just be
Here and now
In divine spirit
And God’s love.

“No mistake” — big sky, beach, rock, pine, broken branch

Phrygian on A (progressive) framing HexaBlueUp (BlueUp without 7+) on E (regressive) — 8-string guitar and tenor recorder — 6:40 — as loop on a separate tab

Above Παραλία Μπίστι / Bisti beach on Ύδρα / Hydra — flute recording and photo by Karin Gsöllpointner

It’s no mistake how nature teaches us harmony

Animal communication

“Communication in the animal kingdom is as natural as a breeze… In the the beginning it was only self-imposed human limitations that impeded my understanding.
“In our noisy cities we tend to forget the things our ancestors knew on a gut level: that the wilderness is alive, that its whispers are there for all to hear — and to respond to.
“We also have to understand that there are things we cannot understand. Elephants possess qualities and abilities well beyond the means of science to decipher… In some very important ways they are ahead of us.
“Some unexpected occurrences are quite evident throughout the plant and animal kingdom and there is nothing like looking at what is actually going on around you, to turn a lot of what you always thought to be true on its head.” — p. 2

Plant communication

“This transcends even to plant life… The acacia tree not only understands it’s under attack when browsed by an antelope or giraffe, it quickly injects tannin into its leaves making them taste bitter. The tree then releases a scent, a pheromone, into the air to warn other acacias in the area of the potential danger. These neighboring trees receive the warning and immediately start producing tannin themselves in anticipation of an attack.
“Now a tree has no brain or central nervous system. So what is making these complex decisions? Or more pertinently — why? Why would a seemingly insentient tree care enough about its neighbor’s safety to get to all that trouble to protect it? Without a brain how does it even know it has family or neighbors to protect?

“Under the microscope, living organisms are just a soup of chemicals and minerals. But what about what the microscope doesn’t see? That life force, the vital ingredient of existence — from an acacia to an elephant — can it be quantified? …
“All life forms are important to each other in our common quest for happiness and survival. There is more to life than just yourself, your own family, or your own kind.” — p. 3-4

The Elephant Whisperer, Lawrence Anthony with Graham Spence

Past the monastery towards the barren backside

It was no mistake
Mountain ridge view onto the uninhabited back of the island — September 2022 — Ύδρα / Hydra, Greece