Sound healing

Sound healing
Spirit, the divine
De-personified free
Beyond limitations
Looking within
Listening without
Enjoying the ride
Yea, life is great!
A dream of love
Can come true
It always does
When nurtured
With attention
And loving care
Sent on its way
Always forward
And never back
In time ‘nd space
No matter what
This is God’s gift
Present here now
To be embraced
And passed on
One way or other
Your way and mine
With room for us all
To give and receive
The grateful heart
Lights up its world

“First encounter of old all new”

ReachBal — harmonium and voice by Punnu Singh Wasu, 8-string guitar by Ulrico — October 2022 — 8:57 live

“Gentle blue light”

MinReach, Aeolian/HexaMin — mandolin by Punnu Singh Wasu, 8-string guitar by Ulrico — October 2022 — 8:49 live

Sound healing with Punnu Singh Wasu and Ulrico

“Sound Healing is a profound and powerful experience of sound and vibration, which combines live music, pure natural sound, ancient mantras, and soulful vocals. For thousands of years, sound has been utilized in various cultures as a tool for the body, mind, and soul of a person to trigger harmony and healing.
“You can lie comfortably on mats on the floor or sit on a chair/meditation cushion while slowing down your breathing. By doing this, you prepare yourself to get in a meditative state of stillness and become the receiver of sounds. You receive powerful mantras, sound medicine melodies, and other songs accompanied by sacred instruments in order to move in a place of complete relaxation and peace.
“The benefits of sound healing are, among others, stress reduction, deep relaxation, improved sleep, better concentration, and a stronger immune system. Sound healing beneficially affects all cells in your body.”
— Announcement of an evening with Punnu Singh Wasu and Ulrico on October 15 at the Kientalerhof, Switzerland — Catherine Göldlin

Sound healing
Punnu Singh Wasu
Sound healing