September-October 2022 Tonalibus update

This September-October 2022 Tonalibus update highlights the expansion of Tonalibus releases, sounds, playlists, tonalities, images, and this website. And, along with latest sound samples, this update touches on a new spontaneous cooperation project resulting in sound healing concerts.

New Tonalibus releases

September-October 2022 Tonalibus update

On Spotify, Deezer, YouTube Music, Apple Music, and Amazon, as well as many more music platforms:

Just released as single: “चैतन्य Chaitanya – blues” (below) — previously released on the album Tonalibus D & E.

To be released for the first time on November 28, 2022: “Phrygian HU — a meditative blues” — for now as single (then also on next year’s 2023 album Tonalibus F & G).

“Chaitanya – blues” — G# Mixolydian with D# TetraNa / A# Norcor inversion vichitra veena and double 3/4 violin — 9:47

Personal sounds and playlist updates

September-October 2022 Tonalibus update

“An embrace of divine love — no hypocrisy” and “संप्रयाण Saṃprayāṇa — departure from past to future, let’s go!” conclude playlist Tonalibus F “So many colors of reality”, now complete with 11 pieces spanning 112 minutes. The new evolving playlist Tonalibus G “Venturing far out and in” already contains 7 pieces of new meditative music. “Holy sham — a short sound excursion far out” is first in Tonalibus G but last under Summer 2022 Sounds. Further new additions are under the new Autumn-Winter 2022, including two recent cooperation sound samples.

“First encounter of old all new” and “Gentle blue light” are live recordings from the first musical encounter between Punnu Singh Wasu and Ulrico. Within one week, this led to two good size group sound healing concerts in Kiental, Switzerland. (See separate blog post Sound healing.)

“Celebration joy — a new start” manifested to participate virtually in a most special celebration of pure love and joy. This is a meditative fourth birthday wish and welcome on this planet from one side of the world to another. (Below.)

“Celebration joy” — a new start — TetraNa Mixolydian blend — 8-string guitar — 12:05

“No mistake — big sky, beach, rock, pine, broken branch” and “ॐ शान्तिः Om Shanti HU — with Elijah’s bells and cicadas” contain live flute recordings, orthodox church bells, and real cicadas from Hydra, a Greek island that is car-free. “ॐ शान्तिः Om Shanti HU” is further offered as “just chant and pluck”. And, to hear the overtones of low voices, as “plain chant only” (under Sounds and below).

“ॐ शान्तिः Om Shanti HU” — plain chant only — A# — low chanting voices in unison generating overtones — 4:43

Derivative tonalities beyond the catalogue

Derivative tonalities are slight mutations of those eighty in the Tonalibus Catalogue. An example of such surfaced in the recent sound sample “No mistake — big sky, beach, rock, pine, broken branch”. Its tonality description reads: Phrygian on A framing HexaBlueUp (BlueUp without 7+) on E. As such it introduces the new tonality HexaBlueUp as the catalogued BlueUp without its major seventh.

Tonalibus images and website updates

Sounds now presents its many sound samples in a new structure by year (and season), including also the yearly collections of Tonalibus images (previously under About).

Depending on connection limitations and such, there can at times be noticeable delays to load an image collection or a large sound sample. Thank you for your patience.

Some browsers (Firefox, MS Edge, etc.) now offer a loop option by right-clicking an audio item to set it to loop or to get a running loop to stop the next time the piece reaches its end. Sound samples offered on Tonalibus loop pages are often specially configured for looping, differing slightly from their single-play version.

The July 2022 Tonalibus update mentioned an isolated translation problem on this website. In languages other than English, some links targeting a specific place in the body of a page landed on the top of the target page instead of the desired location on that page. The developers of the used translation engine just now corrected this problem!

September-October 2022 Tonalibus update

September-October 2022 Tonalibus update conclusion

Life is great. Enjoy the ride!

Autumn-blue sky glowing above the dusk settling into the valley below — October 2022 — Kiental, Switzerland