Do you dare

Do you dare
Confront it
For what it is
Divine ‘nd spirit
Light and sound
Eternal harmony
Anchored in love
Nature and life
Reality as it is
No matter how
One may color
Anyone’s view
Limit in dogma
Or give freedom
And space to be
Present all here
The moment now
Not contradicting
The source of it all
Not what one says
Nor writes in books
But what one does
That tells the story
Of all that is real
As God realizes
Itself so clearly
At long last now
As soul is free.

“ॐ शान्तिः Om Shanti HU” — just chant and pluck

PentaProLa or PentaIon (pentatonic major) on A# — 8-string guitar, low chanting voices in unison generating overtones — 4:43 — as loop on a separate tab (or via right-click, if available)

Do you dare look with the eye of the tiger — without negation

It is possible to enter the kingdom of heaven through the teachings of spirit. The path lies with the divine, and all who come to it can have liberation from worldly affairs. When soul does this and follows the path of spirit with love, it is possible for it to enter the ocean of love and mercy and become a co-worker with God.

A spiritual student respects all religions, as such exist in this physical world.

— Inspired by The Shariyat-Ki-Sugmad, Books One & Two, Paul Twitchell

Orion in the sky, still hunting the Pleiades?

Do you dare
Bare-hand capture of Orion sparkling in the night sky — October 2022 — Grächwil, Switzerland