And here is soul

And here is soul
Spirit, the divine
In a heart of love
Dialectics flushed
No holding back
Sifting through it
To find the gems
Past devastation
Re-sprouting life
Is mother nature
With father God
Pointing the way
Light and sound
Totally diverse
Different each
And the same
Beyond duality
Unified as one
All themselves
But never alone
Sing and dance
Go with the flow
Stand up straight
Till strong enough
On one’s own feet
To wade to shore
The river’s edge
Peace at heart
Carried by love
Welcome home

“Life is great!” — a celebratory meditation

PentaCor — 8-string guitar, crotales, large gong, tanpura — October 2022 — 6:27 — (loop via right-click, if available)

And here is soul contemplating with Old Turtle

“Once, long long ago . . . yet somehow, not so very long . . .”

“the people forgot. They forgot that they were a message of love, and a prayer from the earth. And they began to argue . . . about who knew God, and who did not; and where God was, and was not; and whether God was, or was not. And often the people misused their powers, and hurt one another. Or killed one another. And they hurt the earth. Until finally even the forests began to die . . . and the rivers and the oceans and the plants and the animals and the earth itself . . . because the people could not remember who they were, or where God was. Until one day there came a voice, like the growling of thunder; but as soft as a butterfly sneezes. Please, STOP.”

“And after a long, lonesome and scary time . . . the people listened, and began to hear . . . and to see God in one another . . . and in the beauty of all the Earth.”
“And Old Turtle smiled; and so did God.”

Old Turtle, text by Douglas Wood (children’s book with watercolors by Cheng-Khee Chee)

Edgy boulders broken and ground into small colorful rounds

And here is soul
Colorful rounded pebbles in a gentle surf at sunset — September 2022 — Bisti beach, Ύδρα / Hydra, Greece