Not someone else

Not someone else
No matter who it is
But you — yourself
Create and carry life
In your personal space
Not the past or future
But the moment now
Counts in every reality
Separated from illusion
Because we are mixed
Together in this world
Of space and of time
Energy and matter
That we hold dear
And also what not
Is your own choice
To determine freely
Detached of others
All the propaganda
And good intentions
Healthy discrimination
Can well turn on itself
As balance is needed
Be healed by looking
Deep into God’s eye
Listening patiently
To the song of life
That — love is all.

“HeptaNa Gita” — harmonics medley

HeptaNa / LydAeolian — 8-string guitar, big gong, tanpura — 3:46 — (loop via right-click, if available)

The tonality HeptaNa / LydAeolian, aka Lydian dominant ♭6 (related to the Neapolitan major scale), is remarkable in that its pitches are the first seven overtones or harmonics of its fundamental. “Hepta” indicates seven and “Na” natural harmonics. You can find the first six harmonics listed in the previous blog post Into the depth of soul along with their use in the piece “HexaNa Gita” — harmonic six-pack. The additional harmonic in HeptaNa, the seventh one, is the minor sixth, which contributes a somewhat melancholic feel (in slight contrast to the touch of LydDorian in “HexaNa Gita”). The other name of HeptaNa, LydAeolian indicates that its lower tertachord is Lydian and the upper PhrygAeolian.

See and hear yourself, not someone else

Not someone else
See for yourself, just before the sun rises over the Alps — November 2022 — Grächwil, Switzerland