Terminology let go

Terminology let go
Of possible finality
To open ever more
Spiritual freedoms
Beyond expectation
That could be seen
Ahead or imagined
Focus on the divine
Liberate and settle
Spirit, God present
A scripture purged
From dogma strains
Deactivate limitations
That claim what’s not
Then fully dedicate
Attention and love
To what seems real
Observing with joy
Such sweet blessings
How God realizes itself
Every moment here and now

“Conscious derivative” — an island memory

HexaBlueUp (BlueUp derivative w/o 7+) — 8-string guitar, tanpura — 5:23 — (loop via right-click, if available)

A word of wisdom — free of terminology

“The words are seals of the mind—results or, more correctly, stations—of an infinite series of experiences which reach from an unimaginably distant past into the present, and which feel their way into an equally unimaginably distant future. They are the audible that clings to the inaudible, the forms and potentialities of soul, that which grows and unfolds into perfection.

“The essential nature of words is, therefore, neither exhausted by their present meaning, nor is their importance confined to their usefulness as transmitters of thoughts and ideas; but they express, at the time, qualities which are not translatable into concepts. This is like a melody which, though it may be associated with a deep meaning, cannot be described by words or by any other medium of expression. It is that irrational quality which stirs up our deepest feelings, elevates our innermost being, and makes it vibrate with those with whom we are closely related in love and work.”

The Shariyat-Ki-Sugmad, Books One & Two, Paul Twitchell, pp. 414-415

Grateful for next generation help to let go of terminology

Terminology let go
One son’s talisman holding out across decades and ages — specifically that is from the 90’s to the present or a few millennia — November 2022 — from Bern and Boston