Harmony in life and music

Harmony in life and music
Within and without — always
For eyes to see and ears to hear
Take off your glasses and look
Unplug your ears and listen
Trademarks better be flushed
No matter how dear for so long
Cause the divine is no business
But all existence everywhere
To respect and relish for ever
Without pedestal or put-down
The past is merely a memory
The future visions of dreams
Now is the very moment
Reality for everyone and all
Formed alone collectively
Of course individually as well
Working together is the way
And beginning of harmony
Relative to one another
To be tuned as we go
Ahead ever further
Into the heart of God
The present moment
Where life is great
And love reigns
The divine

“Dear doula” — room for silence

TetraNa with a touch of PentaBluNa — 8-string guitar and large gong — 6:51

Looking for harmony in life and creation (like music)

Atréju sat with his head down and remained silent. He understood that a test was imposed on him that was far, far greater than his hunt. Even for the greatest hunter and the best tracker it was almost impossible to pass; for him it was too difficult.
“Well?” inquired the old centaur quietly. “Will you?”
Atréju raised his head and looked at him.
“I will,” he said firmly.
Caíron nodded slowly, then took the chain with the golden amulet from his neck and put it around Atréju.
AURYN gives you great power,” he said solemnly, “but you must not use it. For even the Childlike Empress never makes use of her power. AURYN will protect and guide you, but you must never interfere with whatever you will see, for your own opinion counts for nothing from this moment on. That is why you must go forth without weapons. You must let happen what happens. Everything must be equal to you, the bad and the good, the beautiful and the ugly, the foolish and the wise, as it is equal before the Childlike Empress. You may only seek and ask, but not judge according to your own judgment. Never forget that, Atréju!”
“AURYN!” repeated Atréju reverently. “I will prove myself worthy of the jewel. When shall I set out?”
“At once,” replied Caíron.

— Die unendliche Geschichte (The Neverending Story), Michael Ende, pp. 46-47

Clouds glowing like embers

Harmony in life and music
Sun about to rise, coloring the underside of clouds over the Alps — January 2023 — Grächwil, Switzerland