One more step

One more step
Toward freedom
No more break
After a full life
Or most of it
Can change
Not too late
Ever another
And another
Step ahead
In the divine
This moment
New all over
Standing tall
On the past
Look ahead
To a future
Right now
Eye to eye
Facing self
One another
Together ever
Never alone
Still oneself
Pay a price
Earn it all
And love
We have.

“Harmonic two-way challenge” — CorMaj / LoloReachLyd contemplation

CorMaj / LoloReachLyd — 8-string guitar — 11:48 — as loop on a separate tab

One more step, and one more, and another… — just one!

Just wait till you see the splendor you’ll be dragged into
once you surrender your life,
once you allow God’s breath
to animate your flesh!
But don’t let my metaphors alarm you. 
The love of God never killed anybody.
On the contrary, it rescues us from all the killing in this world.
It never takes life, but gives and gives of its greater life,
and its generosity is so vast, so unfathomable,
that it can bestow the whole kingdom of Solomon on a single ant. 

— from The Divan-i-Shams-i-Tabrizi, Jalaluddin Rumi, translation: B. J. Hays

Stars, lights, and patterns consistently point a heart’s way forward

One more step
Lights at a church ceiling, or is it the sky, or heaven? — January 2023 — Heiliggeistkirche, Bern, Switzerland