February 2023 Tonalibus update

This February 2023 Tonalibus update announces the early March release of the new triple album “Tonalibus F, G, & H”, the April 23 concert “Drawing circles” near Bern, and the new sounds index. Further it touches on the expansion of the catalogue of tonalities and on updates to the glossary. Finally, it concludes with a brief note on sacred geometry and the Platonic solids.

March 2 release of the triple album “Tonalibus F, G, & H”

The new triple album “Tonalibus F, G, & H” will be released on March 2, 2023 on music platforms like Spotify, Deezer, Apple, Youtube, Amazon, and many more. It spans close to three and a half hours with twenty-five original pieces of mostly meditative music by Ulrico. Detailed info about this album, platforms used, and its pieces are in the Fidibus shop. Its first piece is “Never give up, let go completely” — a miracle of nature (below).

ReachMin — 8-string guitar — 5:05 — as loop on a separate tab (or via right-click, if available)

April 23 Tonalibus concert in Meikirch, Switzerland

February 2023 Tonalibus update

“Drawing circles” is this year’s theme of the Meikirch Kulturkommission sponsoring the Tonalibus concert on Sunday, April 23 starting at 5 PM in the Aula of the Gassacker School, Grächwilstrasse 14, 3045 Meikirch. Ulrico will present a variety of meditative and healing sound improvisations, some with a blues touch, on various instruments like 8-string guitar, veena, fujara, selje flute, tenor recorder, gongs, cymbals, crotales, and piano. Images of harmony and nature will be projected and to start an introduction to the harmonic pivot. Chairs as well as yoga mats will be provided to sit or lay down.

New index of personal and cooperation sounds

A new index of Tonalibus personal and cooperation sounds now presents a corresponding overview in several ways:
1) by title, alphabetic, detailed with reference to the recording, as well as to playlist, blog post, and album placements
2) by instrument with reference to each recording
3) by year, month or season, chronologically
4) by musician cooperating with Ulrico

Expansion of the catalogue of tonalities and the glossary

February 2023 Tonalibus update

The expansion of the catalogue of anchored tonalities, announced in the January 2023 Tonalibus update, is now complete in all details. Further, the Tonalibus glossary expanded to include corresponding new and several basic terms, including miracle of nature, anchor realization shift, harmonic realization shift, inversion, and mirror shift pattern.

Conclusion with sacred geometry and Platonic solids

“Sacred geometry is an instrument of dialogue between man and God, permitting us to find unity inside nature’s diversity. It provides complete understanding and experience to consciously shape our future and accelerate the ascension process. It shows us how to open our hearts and evolve in consciousness through geometric models.”

— Inscription inside a box containing small glass models of the five convex, regular polyhedra or Platonic solids, i.e. a tetrahedron, cube (hexahedron), octahedron, dodecahedron, and icosahedron (see below). Some sources credit Pythagoras with their discovery.

February 2023 Tonalibus update
Tetrahedron, cube (hexahedron), octahedron, dodecahedron, and icosahedron — small glass models