A new together now

A new together now
You have it, I have it
No more division
I have it, you don’t
Or you have it, I don’t
But unity of we have it
More or less who cares
So there is life for all
And love — the divine
Consciousness of soul
With spiritual freedom
Every hook of dogma
Detached and let go
Not ex- but inclusive
Unfolds step by step
In this school of life
Discover ever more
Relishing, nurturing
The light and sound
We see and hear
The harmony in all
Beyond every strife
Of opposites distinct
That do complement
Each other’s existence
Rising above duality
Solid peace of heart
In the name of spirit
The present moment
Always here and now!

“Wake to a new dream” — LocorReach meditation

LocorReach — 8-string guitar and tanpura — 15:44 — as loop on a separate tab

ϕ The golden mean or ratio

Can symbolic, scientific, and mathematical relations between the material world and the spiritual universe explain the existence of the divine? An irrational number that regulates the molecular form of matter, the golden ratio or golden mean is a fundamental part of many religions and believes.

We apply the rules of the golden ratio in architecture. We do it rationally and consciously. But how aware are we that harmony also in music is — or has been — governed by the same proportional rule, the golden mean? And how much of the golden ratio is present in our body parts, in nature, in the molecular forms?

Music and harmony means not only beauty but interaction with the universe. The golden mean is a common language between humans and God. Geometry, mathematics, and music are not just science or art, but tools for understanding and regulating the cosmos and the world around us.

Just as a watchmaker synchronizes the mechanics of a clock, we can harmonize ourselves using song or chant based on the golden mean, capable of generating a wave of harmony that changes negative, divisive flows into divine essence. Vibrations of sound are able to adjust our movement in the universe from chaotic principles, to invite and follow the rules of harmony — of divine love.

— Free after Il romanico e il significato del canto nel medioeve (The Romanesque and the importance of chant in the Middle Ages) by Eloisa Vacchini

Ever new sunset miracles for all together now

A new together now
Spectacular sunset colors last but a brief moment — February 2023 — Grächwil, Switzerland