Tonality of the month: ReachMix

ReachMix — meditative sound sample — 136 Hz 8-string guitar, tanpura — Feb. 2023 — 4:19 — as loop on a separate tab
ReachMix — meditative sound sample — 136 Hz 8-string guitar, big gong, tingsha cymbals, tanpura — Feb. 2023 — 4:19

The tonality of the month of March 2023 is ReachMix, a fully anchored Reach or harmonic tonality. Its name indicates that there is a regular Reach step or augmented second framed by half tone steps in the lower tetrachord. And the upper one is DorMixolydian, as in Dorian and Mixolydian. Basically, this tonaliy is Mixolydian with a minor instead of a major second, which gives it a slight Phrygian touch that can contrast beautifully with its otherwise predominant Mixolydian character.

Tuning for this ReachMix sample, the tonality of the month

Instead of standard A 440 Hz tuning, Tonalibus is usually tuning relative to A 438.2 Hz or C# 138 Hz. This is based on personal calculations and deductions made by Ulrico in his youth. However, the above ReachMix sound sample is relative to A 432 Hz or C# 136.1 Hz. Some associate the latter with the Earth or the heart chakra. Others call it the Om frequency. There are claims that this frequency was used throughout the ages, without evidence. Apparently musicologist Alexander John Ellis measured and documented ancient pipe organs and tuning forks. He found only one reference to 432 Hz (Verdi). Before standardization, the pitch A fluctuated heavily between 400 and 460 Hz.

Sound as mantra — a worthwhile notion

You may enjoy a sound sample or tonality loop as sound mantra for contemplation or meditation. This can help with upliftment, purification, and focusing. Or it could simply be used as soothing background sound for relaxation and regeneration. If you care to hum, chant, or sing along, you could use a spiritually charged syllable like HU or Ōṃ / Aum ॐ, or another mantra syllable that suits you.

Tonality of the month: ReachMix
Roots and crowns, up and down, heaven to earth to heaven — February 2023 — San Carlo di Negrentino, Ticino