Colorful sand

Colorful sand
New old sound
Room for silence
Colors to blossom
Times dedicated
To life and love
Space creation
Dreams manifest
Open for sharing
In action mostly
And some words
Images as context
Music for healing
Slow down calm
Tune in essence
The spirit of now
Joy of happiness
The food for soul
To stand up tall
So see the light
Hear the sound
Resonate deep
Inside the heart
Outside embrace
Never ending gifts
Inspiration always
Of what comes
And what goes
The continuum
Of the divine.

“Bears and butterflies” — sifting through colorful sand

Diffuse D#, G#/C# Phrygian, C# Aeolian, a touch of G# ReachMin — voice, double 8-string guitar, bells — 8:00

Sand mandala — creation and dissolution — the ephemeral