Invite to an inspiring concert – April 23

“Drawing circles, waves and spirals” — Improvisations and meditative sounds with a touch of blues by Ulrico on guitar, vichitra veena, fujara, selje flute, gongs, cymbals, crotales, piano, hang, singing saw, voice

The Meikirch Cultural Commission and Ulrico cordially invite you and look forward to an inspiring concert: Sunday, April 23, 5:00 PM, Aula Schulhaus Gassacker, 3045 Meikirch, Switzerland

Uli Sacchet, Ulrico among musicians and composers, has been focusing his attention and energy fully on harmony and resonance for years. Results of this are his music and his extensive catalog of tonalities and sound samples on the Tonalibus website. Harmony to him is how well something expresses the inexpressible and can touch and uplift the heart.

An overabundance of information and stimulation characterizes our time and fuels needs for calm, peace, freedom, and trust. Ulrico’s endeavor is to bring healing music and harmony into the world — for focusing, relaxation, and regeneration.

Chairs as well as yoga mats will be provided.

At the beginning, Ulrico will briefly present the concept of the harmonic pivot.

Admission free, donation basket

Invite to an uplifting concert in April

Invite to an inspiring concert – April 23
Cordial invite to an inspiring concert on April 23 — flyer in German on a separate tab