Actually a parasite

Actually a parasite
Could be a blessing
When kept in balance
Or helping to maintain
The crucial equilibrium
As a given component
Of the body of nature
Then — all of a sudden
Appears as contributor
Through the principle
Resistance is needed
To build up strength
And for evolution
To reach immunity
In good tolerance
With all adversity
And decent health
Survival so to speak
As an individual first
Within the construct
Of family and friends
Society and species
The whole of nature
With spirit, the divine
In the creation of God
Ever more conscious
Day by day — in life
Life by life — as soul
Simply here and now.

“To a new horizon” — let go of the horizon to find a new one

Violin by Christina Braun, bowl and cymbals by Ulrico — 5:55

Structures composed by vortexes

“Since vortices cannot exist by themselves, their dynamics must close, e.g. by several feeding each other. Their rotation generates forces on each other: With parallel axes, vortices rotating in opposite directions attract each other, vortices rotating in the same direction repel each other. … If the axes are perpendicular to each other, force and corresponding energy disappear, which results in vortices being perpendicular to each other when they are pushed together by a strong force. … Because this tri-orthogonal arrangement carries the least energy, it lines up by itself.”

Grundzüge der deduktiven Physik, Hans Widmer, pp. 85-86

Actually not a parasite — a birch rooted in heaven

Actually a parasite
Lone birch caressed by the alpine horizon — March 2023 — Meikirch, Switzerland