Story and sound: Nabelschnur

“The development of the Nabelschnur (umbilical cord)” is a story and sound about connection, growth, and detachment. Written and presented in German by Philine Harte, along with sound by Ulrico, it spans ten chapters over sixty-three minutes of inspiring words and soothing sound.

The entire story and sound or “Klanggeschichte” is available as “Story: Nabelschnur” in the Fidibus shop at no cost. There you can further find the German text, complete with preface and references. Alternatively, you may also listen to the sequence of the ten chapters under Tonalibus playlists.

The release date for this “Klanggeschichte” as new Tonalibus cooperation album is March 23, 2023. After that date it appears globally on Spotify, YouTube Music, Apple Music / iTunes, and Amazon.

Plus, “Umbilical” — sounds in silence is a musical composition derived from recordings made for this “Klanggeschichte” — this story.

Story and sound: Nabelschnur
Album cover — painting (detail) by Philine Harte