The divine

The divine
Is always
With me
No name
Is needed
And certainly
No trademark
Which limits
And free
By putting
Some fence
Around it all
For tearing
Down once
And for all
To flow
As life
And love
The divine
Is always
With all
A name
Is best
For me
So free
The end.

“Umbilical” — sounds in silence

ReachMin or Phrygian dominant on 136 Hz — multiple 8-string guitar — 10:05 — derived from the sound recordings for “Klanggeschichte”, the story: Nabelschnur about the development of the umbilical cord

ど 道 — DŌ / MICHI — Way

“Helping everyone is helping yourself
it is the best way!”

“The great way has no gate!”

“What is the way?
The way is not a visible thing
it is also not an invisible thing
it is nothing comprehensible
it is not an incomprehensible thing
do not seek it
do not learn it
do not name it
be wide and open like the sky
and you are on the way”

— 墨跡 Bokuseki / Tuschspuren, Tetsuo Roshi Nagaya Kiichi, p. 102, original in German

The divine is all around us, everywhere and all the time

The divine
Lone birch, a guardian of the age, reaching into the sky — March 2023 — Meikirch, Switzerland