March-April 2023 Tonalibus update

This March-April 2023 Tonalibus update highlights the upcoming concert on April 23 “Drawing circles, waves and spirals” near Bern and the March release of the albums “Tonalibus F, G, & H” and “Klanggeschichte: Nabelschnur”. Further, it announces the completion of playlist “Tonalibus I” and the start of “Tonalibus J” offering their most recent two audio recordings.

April 23 Tonalibus concert in Meikirch, Switzerland

March-April 2023 Tonalibus update

Concert on Sunday, April 23 starting at 5 PM in the Aula of the Gassacker School, Grächwilstr. 14, Meikirch. Ulrico will present a variety of meditative and healing sound improvisations, some with a blues touch, on various instruments.

March release of two albums

“Tonalibus F, G, & H” was released on March 2 on many music platforms. E.g. Spotify, Deezer, Boomplay, YouTube Music, Apple Music / iTunes, KKbox, Amazon, Tidal, NetEase, QQ Music, and many more. It spans three and a half hours with twenty-five pieces of original, mostly meditative music by Ulrico. Detailed info about this triple album, the music platforms used, and its pieces you find in the Fidibus shop under “Tonalibus F, G, & H“.

“Story and sound: Nabelschnur (umbilical cord)” was released on March 23. This “Klanggeschichte” is about connection, growth, and detachment. Written and presented in German by Philine Harte, along with sound by Ulrico, it spans ten chapters over sixty-three minutes of inspiring words and soothing sound. It is available in the Fidibus shop under “Story: Nabelschnur“. And also on Spotify, YouTube, Apple / iTunes, and Amazon.

“Umbilical” — sounds in silence — ReachMin or Phrygian dominant on 136 Hz — multiple 8-string guitar — 10:05 — derived from the sound recordings for “Klanggeschichte”, the “Story: Nabelschnur” about the development of the umbilical cord

March-April 2023 Tonalibus playlist update

Playlist Tonalibus I entitled “Step ahead into a new world” is now complete. It includes twelve pieces from January through March 2023 spanning ninety minutes of improvisations by Ulrico. One each is with Christina Braun, voice or violin, Philine Harte, voice, and Karin Gsöllpointner, voice.
Playlist Tonalibus J entitled “Welcome to relative freedom” starts with the improvised composition “Echoes of growing silence” — celebrating a new birth (below).

“Echoes of growing silence” — IonAeolian or ClusterBal (melodic major) — 8-string guitar w/sustained echo, bass — 6:14
March-April 2023 Tonalibus update
Spring sun breaking through clouds before setting — March 2023 — Grächwil, Switzerland