How to be real

How to be real
In a fake world
Spoiled rotten
By big wealth
Piling on poor
Out for profit
From disasters
And shortages
Strife and war
Where ever to
Turn around
Breach the top
And also bottom
Level all fences
Around soul
Squeeze out
Into freedom
Better for real
Instead before
Just a carrot
Out of reach
Dangling close
To keep within
Corral’s confine
Under the sky
Infinitely blue
A heart of love.

“Holy sham” — a short sound excursion far out

Mixolydian on G, spiced — multiple fujara and 8-string guitar — 4:25 — as loop on a separate tab

How to be real? — Always here!

“You don’t have to be afraid, … we don’t want to chase you away. We want to help you.”
Momo nodded silently, but still not quite convinced.
“You say your name is Momo, don’t you?”
“That’s a pretty name, but I’ve never heard it before. Who gave you that name?”
“I did,” Momo said.
“You named yourself that?”
“When were you born, then?”
Momo thought about it and finally said, “As far as I can remember, I’ve always been around.”

— Momo, the strange story of time thieves and the child who returned the stolen time to the people, Micheal Ende, p. 11

How to fix being real — the old newly repaired

How to be real
Sculptures of past and present lives by Uli Sacchet and his two sons, plus one in ebony from Gabon