Concepts can set the tone

Concepts can set the tone
Show what one knows
And also then what not
Finally it’s experience
That forms the world
Individually to start
Collectively at last
Sustainable as aim
Beyond plain survival
Not of just the fittest
But more cooperation
Indeed counts the most
To balance and restore
What is necessary now
For silence and harmony
Can calm every upheaval
Though seems impossible
Indeed there’s always a way
In life together and in love
In spite, or even because
All strife and all the wars
Competition’s so useless
When compared right on
While working together
With relative harmony
To balance the scales
Can live out each fate
And enjoy the moment.

“Future past lives” — a heartfelt blues memory revived

Phrygian — double 6-string guitar — 5:15

Concepts, columns of light and sound can set the tone

“The column of light shining down from the center of the dome was not only visible — Momo now began to hear it, too!
At first it was like a roar, as of the wind heard far away in the tops of the trees. But then the roar became more powerful, until it resembled that of a waterfall or the thunder of ocean waves against a rocky shore.
And Momo heard more and more clearly that this roar consisted of innumerable sounds, which constantly rearranged themselves among themselves, changed and constantly formed other harmonies. It was music and yet at the same time it was something completely different. And suddenly Momo recognized it. It was the music she had sometimes heard softly and as if from afar, listening to the silence under the twinkling starry sky.”

— Momo, the strange story of time thieves and the child who returned the stolen time to the people, Micheal Ende, p. 183

Where concepts and wishes are formed to come true

Concepts can set the tone
St. Verena hermitage, maintained by a real hermit to this day — April 2023 — near Solothurn, Switzerland