Wo bischt?

Wo bischt?
Was machischt?
Wi geit’s dier?
Chusch mit
Ufnes Reisli
Chaisch losla
Jeda Horizont
U nüui finde
Wi no nie
Um ging umhi
Hie aazcho
Wi due bischt
Wär halt so
Wenn u wo
Hie u da
Due un iech
Är, äs u alli
Eifach zäme
Ufme Reisli
Vo Wort
Ton u Klang
Zum Gniesse
U Beläbe
Im Bewusstsi
Wo wier si
I Dankbarkeit
U Liebi.

Where are you?
What do you do?
How are you doing?
Do you come along
On a little journey
Can you let go
Every horizon
Find new ones
Like never before
Again and again
Arrive right here
Just as you are
Yourself for real
When and where
Here and now
Welcome all
You and I
Him, her, and all
Simply together
On a journey
Of words
And sound
Enjoy, relish
Relax, let go
Revitalize life
In consciousness
Where we are
In gratitude
And love.

“Wo bischt? — Où es-tu ? — Dove sei? — Where are you? — Wo bist du?”

Swiss, English, French, Italian, German — spoken word — 4:50

Words of wisdom — where are you?

“No matter how the system of representation, or delegation, of [a] religious system is arranged, there is necessarily an alienation of the liberty and freedom of individual souls. All religions use bodies, minds, and souls, for without exception the ways they seek for power are varieties of absolutism.”

— The Shariyat-Ki-Sugmad, book one, chapter 9, Paul Twitchell

Wo bischt?
Way sign without inscription pointing in similar but different directions? — May 2023 — Chanhssen, MN