May 2023 Tonalibus update

This May 2023 Tonalibus update presents some live recordings from the April Tonalibus concert “Drawing circles, waves and spirals”. Further, this update announces the release of a new single “Once upon a time” in June. And it highlights playlist “Tonalibus J”, which has grown at so far unprecedented speed to over ten pieces already.

Live recordings from the April Tonalibus concert near Bern

Below you find four live recordings from the Tonalibus concert entitled “Drawing circles, waves and spirals” on April 23. The Meikirch cultural commission had sponsored and publicized it. This led to a pretty full hall of participants that included also a number of friends and family traveling some distance to attend.

1) “Ophiuchus alive” — living serpent bearer — ReachMix — fretted vichitra veena, tanpura, large gong — 5:18 recorded live
2) “Living drops of glacial melt water” — Mixolydian — fujara and a touch of medium gong — 3:09 recorded live
3) “Living echoes in relative silence” — IonAeolian / ClusterBal (melodic minor / Aelian dominant) — 8-string guitar, singing saw, voice, large gong — 10:33 recorded live
4) “Living sound travel far out” — Core tonal [C#-D-E-F/[F#]-G-G#]-[A#-C-C#] — nepali cymbals, sound bowls, crotales, gongs — 6:48 recorded live

Release of “Once upon a time” as single in June — for T

May 2023 Tonalibus update

On June 11, “Once upon a time” — again and still on the way (below) will be globally released on many music platforms. This recent studio recording uses an old theme newly revived for the above mentioned Tonalibus concert.

Phrygian — 6-string guitar, 7-string guitar, small gong — 5:09

May 2023 Tonalibus playlist update

May 2023 Tonalibus update

Playlist J started at the very end of March. By now it already grew to eleven recordings, including the ones above and “Spring sunbeam chirping” (below), a revival of the selje flute used in the above mentioned Tonalibus concert.

TetraNa+ (natural harmonics) — selje flute, medium gong — 3:50

Ruminating peacefully on the other side of concert

Ruminating cows across the street from the concert venue — April 2023 — Meikirch, Switzerland