Time in such abundance

Time in such abundance
And still so scarce for many
In their outer existence here
Where things start and end
While in the very heart of all
There is a source of sound
The column of brilliant light
That can be seen and heard
When in the quiet and calm
This point of inner harmony
Spilling over into the outer
To be shared in the world
As a healing balm of love.
Who are you? Who am I?
Unfold consciousness as soul
Open the window and the door
Breath in the fresh, cool air
Come on outside and play
Beyond inviting things in
Jump in the river so free
A current of life and love
That carries you — and all
Whether seeing oneself
In a box or in a sphere
You can hatch out well
Discard limiting angles
Embrace spirit, the divine
Most of all, be embraced
In life and love here now!

“Ophiuchus” — the serpent bearer

ReachMix — fretted vichitra veena, tanpura, large gong — 10:00

“Come” said the tortoise with time in such abundance…

There is a very big secret.
All humans know it,
All have part in it,
But hardly anyone
Ever thinks about it.
This secret is time.

(Text and drawing below by Karin Gsöllpointner)

Time in such abundance