I hold my promise

I hold my promise
Thanks for inviting
But my freedom is
Outside of temples
Especially of dogma
That’s limiting clearly
While claiming much
Including liberation
But more enslaves
In subtle business
Most in want-to-be
More and yet more
Instead of just be
What we all are
Soul, sparks o’God
As everyone teaches
In the core of heart
Before imperialism
And absolutism
Poisons a well
If leaders let it
Or try to oppose
Under the banner
Of keeping it pure
What one wrote
A long time ago
Whether to help
Oneself or others
That tells it all…

“Back in open time and space” — at long last

MixoBal or HexaNaMix, hexatonality derivative of Mixolydian (w/o second), HexaNaTriMix (w/quart instead of triton), or PentaNaMix (w/quart or fourth) — lap slide guitar and tanpura — 6:28

Know one thing — I hold my promise

“No problem is given man which is greater than himself. Each being is tested according to his capacity; none are tested beyond it. Each problem which man encounters has a spiritual solution, and each person has his troubles at the point where he is most negative and vulnerable.
“Whosoever knows one thing therefore knows fully all things, for truth in one spiritual thing is inseparable from the truth of all things.”
— The Shariyat-Ki-Sugmad, Books One & Two, Paul Twitchell, p. 209

Coleoptera — option to co-operate with a lion

I hold my promise
Beetle (Coleoptera) finding its way through a grain field — May 2023 — Grächwil, Switzerland