Why hostile

Why hostile
Not friendly
When is clear
Not strongest
But together
We prevail
Here now
And always
No matter
Where when
We light up
A corner
In sounds
Of silence
And love
Of all life
And spirit
The divine
And God
All free
So clear

“Louder Call for Peace” — again

Triple and quadruple fujara — January 2021 — 2:40 — as loop on a separate tab (or via right-click, if available)

Imagination as obstacle or detriment

One can come “to the conclusion that imagination is a negative […] faculty which he cannot control, and it always carries him away from his more conscious decisions in a direction in which he had no intention of going. Imagination, in this sense, is almost as bad as lying, for he starts to imagine something in order to please himself and, very soon, he begins to believe what he imagines, or at least some of it.”

— The Shariyat-Ki-Sugmad, Books One & Two, Paul Twitchell, p. 305

Once a lake, now a meandering river — nothing hostile

Why hostile
Meandering river in the back of an Alpine valley — June 2023 — Tschingel (once a lake), Switzerland

You may enjoy a sound sample or tonality loop as sound mantra for contemplation or meditation. This can help with upliftment, purification, and focusing. Or it could simply be used as soothing background sound for relaxation and regeneration. If you care to hum, chant, or sing along, you could use a spiritually charged syllable like HU or Ōṃ / Aum ॐ, or another mantra syllable that suits you.