Dear, oh dear

Dear, oh dear
Why did you do
What you did
After all you are
Just who you are
You made yourself
Were made as such
Soul with a body
A vehicle to travel
From here to there
Now there to here
The present moment
There’s no leaving
It happens by itself
All is left behind
Embrace the now
For whatever it is
Let go and let be
For it is either way
One stage to another
Lives all incarnated
Why then excarnate
When cycles churn
And spirals overlap
In harmonic pivots
Hold it all together
In a divine embrace
Left to arrive again.

“Go with God” — a final blessing — in memory of Stivensky

LoloReachMin derivative w/7+ on D, octatonality — 5-string guitar, selje flute, tingsha cymbals, tanpura — 7:23

Ocean of Music and Dance

“Gold remains gold, regardless of the degree of its purity, and fire also remains fire, no matter what it burns. Sparks and flames are also essentially identical with it. In this sense, also a human being essentially forms a unity with the divine.”

— संगीतरत्नाकर Saṃgītaratnākara (Sangita Ratnakara), by Śārṅgadeva

Hear it, see it, feel it, and pass it on — oh dear

Water plants rising their leaves to the surface and flowers above — June 2023 — Kiental, Switzerland