August 2023 Tonalibus update

This August 2023 Tonalibus update highlights the evolution of Playlist K and July-August 2023 sounds, as well as Sound as mantra, a newly forming Fidibus offer to aid one’s creation of personal sound mantras. Further, it touches on the harmonics cycle and universal harmony, and concludes with a poetic quote and a photo.

August 2023 Tonalibus playlist and sounds update

August 2023 Tonalibus update

Playlist K has now grown to 12 pieces covering 66 minutes of new recordings. New pieces include:
“Calling the divine” — hearts connect directly
“Balancing up and down” — extensive calm (below)
“Go with God” — a final blessing — in memory of Stivensky
and “Pulsating through life” — lead on! (below).
They are also available under July-August 2023 sounds.

“Pulsating through life” — lead on! HexaMin on G# w/a touch Aeolian — 5-string guitar, lap slide guitar, bass, conch — 4:00

Sound as mantra — tonality in action

August 2023 Tonalibus update

Individual sound mantras were an original Tonalibus offer that was dropped a while back. Now Sound as mantra is forming in the Fidibus shop. Its aim is to enable you to create your own personal sound mantras. Individual fundamental pitch, a first step, is now available, as well as the aide of chromatic pitches. Individual tonality selection is more complex and currently under construction to be realized and posted in stages.

“Balancing up and down” — extensive calm LoloReachMin on D — 8-string guitar & tanpura — 3:58

Harmonics cycle and universal harmony

August 2023 Tonalibus update

Images of the harmonics cycle as fusion of regularity and irregularity are now available also under concepts highlights.

Is there a universal harmony we live by and can recognize? Reflected also in tonalities? Experience in the present moment can affirm this. Can you hear the music of the spheres? There is an infinite abundance of ways of life and harmony — no one and only way! While here now, we are one and the same — as well as each one individually unique, each distinctly different from all others.

August 2023 Tonalibus update conclusion

“Sea, mountain, grass and trees,
even machine, car, gasoline, computer —
— they do not belong to people.
They are already alive. Even our body is not ours.
We are simply lives facing one another —
so we resonate, rebel, grow angry, cry, laugh,
and dance with them.”

Atsushi Takenouchi, 舞踏 Butō dancer and instructor

August 2023 Tonalibus update
Setting for a Butō evening fire dance — August 2023 — Kiental, Switzerland