Family life

Family life
All absorbing
Helping one another
Letting go of ego self
Some individuality
When collectively
Being together
Getting along
With growth
And renewal
Of generations
Checking in
And — out
And in again
Cycles churn
Our lives
As family
Of friends
And blood
So sweet
At times
Or — not
I choose
And with love
Alone at times
Then again together.

“कुम्भक Kumbhaka” — between in and out, out and in — for M-A

ReachBal (double harmonic/Gypsy major) on G# — fretted vichitra veena, lap slide guitar, conch, tanpura — 8:54

Shared love and commitment create sweet family life

“The word family… means something different to everyone. While one person may define family as the relatives who share their home, another may consider family to include extended relatives residing near and far. Still, someone else views their beloved circle of friends or their pets as family. Families are vastly different, but they all function under one single premise: shared love and commitment.”

The Meaning of Family by Kristin McCarthy, M. Ed. on Love to Know

“Doesn’t it look beautiful?” — asked a humble family cook in the end

Family life
A small personal garden’s harvest — simplified ratatouille about to cook and blend — August 2023 — Switzerland