An experience of stepping out

An experience of stepping out
Rather courageous some think
In view of stated consequences
The bubble of shared protection
Bursting in a dogmatic challenge
Required essences be sorted out
From construction debris hazards
Or propaganda, put more bluntly
Left behind for good all unified
Sooner or later realizing truth
As God, spirit, and the divine
Free of limits and any brand
Or dangling carrot numbers
Before many beings’ noses
Can help one out of a pinch
But at long last will conclude
Having fulfilled a good purpose
Therefore detach, keep going on
With happy moments in deep love
Radiant as soul in full view for all
Observe how God realizes itself
And dwell in spiritual freedom.

“Das Mülirad isch broche, Simelibärg!” — go in peace — for KHT

ReachMin / Phrygian dominant on C# — 8-string guitar, lap slide guitar, bass, voice, gong — 9:00

From “I Heard The Owl Call My Name” by Margaret Craven

“‘The salmon is still the swimmer in our language, and I can remember my grandfather speaking to him as you do now. I had forgotten.’ ‘Do you see him enter the river often?’ ‘No, not often. He enters usually at night.’ ‘And in the end, does he always die?’ ‘Always. Both the males and the females die. On the way up the river the swimmer will pass the fingerlings of his kind coming down to the sea. They want to go and are afraid to go. They still swim upstream, but gently, letting the river carry them downstream tail first, and the birds and the larger fish pray upon them to devour them, and pretty soon they turn to face their dangers.’ ‘And when they reach the open sea?’ ‘Then they are free. Nobody knows how far they go or where. When the time comes to return, their bodies tell them, and those hatched in the same stream separate from all others and come home together. And in the end the swimmer dies, and the river takes him downstream, tail first, as he started.’” — pp. 38-39

“‘When I reach here and see the great scar where the inlet side shows its bones, for a moment I know.’ ‘What…?’ ‘That for me it has always been easier here, where only the fundamentals count, to learn what every man must learn in this world.’ ‘And that…?’ ‘Enough of the meaning of life to be ready to die,’ and the Bishop motioned Mark to start the motor, and they went on.” — p. 140

An experience of stepping out in front of a moon

An experience of stepping out
A flock of sheep clouds gathering in front of a full moon — September 2023 — near Bern, Switzerland