Here you find general overview information about Tonalibus, Spiritualibus and Fidibus, as well as about Ulrico, the creator of Tonalibus. Plus there is a personal reference page about mantras of soul, as well as this website’s contact page.

Tonalibus, the realization of Anchored Harmony and Tonalities, emerged in early 2020 with concepts of Harmonic and Tonality Fundamentals and the start of the catalogue of anchored tonalities. Since then this all continued to expand with a growing collection of personal sound samples, with the Spiritualibus blog and the Fidibus shop.

This website aims to continually improve and become more user friendly. Since late 2020, besides in its original English, this entire site is also available in German, French, and Italian. Additional tonalities and categories qualified for the catalogue. And many new sound samples, blog postings, insights, etc. keep appearing on this expanding site.

“From ancient times until today, the names are not to be dispensed with in order to survey all things. How do I know the nature of all things? Precisely through them.”
— from verse 21 of the
Tao Te Ching 道德经 by Lao Tzu (1972 Diederichs edition, p. 61)

Harmonic pivot of two opposing spirals coinciding