Fidibus is the name of the shop on the Tonalibus website. Its aim is to offer services, events, and products that promote harmony and well-being. The Fidibus shop is free of commercial or financial aspirations. Initial offers included individual sound mantras, soothing mini-concert sessions, Tonalibus exploration courses, and the CD A Symphony of Life and Love. Occasionally, further options may come about and specific offers can be on hold while undergoing revisions. As such, this became the place to announce new album releases (such as Tonalibus A, B, & C or Tonalibus D & E on Spotify, Deezer, YouTube Music, Apple Music, Amazon, and other platforms) and to present Tonalibus playlists.

Fidibus, the ablative or dative plural of the Latin noun “fides”, has much meaning. It was used for “chord”, “string”, and “stringed instruments”. On the other hand it means “trust”, “loyalty”, “authenticity”, “honesty”, “credibility”, “trustworthiness”, etc. It is the root of “faith” and “fiddle”. In German, it stands for “kindling” or “lighter”, and the exclamation “Hokuspokus Fidibus!” — a mix between a blessing and the fun-filled resolution of a magic spell, since the 17th century — means “Here it is!” Thus came about the name of the Fidibus shop.

fidibus flowers
A blooming pioneer, rooted in a small rock crevice high up in the Alps