HU — Mantra of Soul

HU, ancient name for God — mantra of soul

You can find the sacred syllable HU, a mantra of soul, in various religions and spiritual traditions. An example of this from the Buddhist tradition is the well known mantra Auṃ maṇi padme hūṃ, or also the sacred syllable Hung that accents many an anchor point in the medicine Buddha ritual and other prayers.

Listening to, singing, and chanting HU (pronounced “hiou” like the English word “hue” or the name “Hugh”) as mantra of soul throughout my life has brought inexpressibly much to me. It helped me over countless hurdles. It has opened and continues to open up my eyes and ears to the flow and harmony of life, the divine sound, light, and love that sustains everyone and everything.

What determines the value of a mantra is one’s personal experience with it. I found from my own experience that by chanting HU along with other, personal mantras for some ten to twenty minutes once or twice each day, one can indeed achieve spiritual freedom individually. We have to make do with what we have. It is all in the present moment. That is where I am who I am. The HU helps me every day to focus on this — that I am soul and exist because of divine love. As soul, I am an eternal spiritual being, always in the here and now. Chanting HU has brought and keeps bringing balance and harmony into my life. HU helps my heart, ears, and eyes to remain open to the divine love in all.

HU, a love song to God

Thousands of people singing HU — 5 minutes looping — app available on Google Play
HU -- Mantra of Soul
Sun shining through autumn maple leaves — Chanhassen, MN — October 2020