Ulrico is the creator of Tonalibus, author of the Spiritualibus blog, and owner of the Fidibus shop.

The life of Ulrico — my life

My name is Uli Sacchet, Ulrico among musicians and composers. I grew up in a renown Swiss Alps resort, ran my own music school in Bern already as youth, and traveled all over the planet. I lived for three decades in the no longer very United States of America. There, I first studied music therapy, then music theory and composition, and finally computer science, had a small family and raised two wonderful boys, established a sideline herpetocultural venture, and built up a career in pioneering telecommunications, rolling out new networking technologies from the Bell Labs into the global market. For a good decade after returning to Switzerland, I was absorbed in organized spirituality. Now I focus my attention and energies on the harmony of sound and life. The emerging result of all this is Tonalibus, along with the expressions of Spiritualibus, and the outreach of Fidibus.

My focus on harmony

Already as youth I developed my own systems of harmony. I expressed it in geometrical shapes, patterns, colors, and mandalas — anchored, among other things, in how planets orbit a sun. I was and still am inspired by the likes of Pythagoras of Samos, Johannes Kepler, Albert von Thimus, and Hans Kayser, as well as others who recognized the harmony of sound and life and made a concerted effort to pass on their insights to whoever was interested in them.

In early spring 2020, my focus on sound and harmony led to a virtual explosion of insights and personal discoveries. This brought about the concepts and catalogue of anchored tonalities and harmony. Universal principles are (n)ever new, and can be seen from many different angles. Rooted in spiritual freedom, I express my visions and views, though not necessarily all original nor aligned with existing thought and naming conventions, and often with little or no explanation. This reflects my reality. I see truth in it all, not a limiting one and only truth, but my truth with respect for all. Maybe there is some validity in this also for you.

Kiental Ulrico
Ulrico in Kiental — Feb. 2020 — photo by Francisco Garcia