November-December 2022 Tonalibus update

This November-December 2022 Tonalibus update highlights a recent single release, as well as current plans for another album and a concert in spring. Further, it touches on new sound samples, derivative tonalities, blog post alerts, and Tonalibus’ new social media presence on Facebook.

Tonalibus audio releases

On November 28, “Phrygian HU” — a meditative blues was globally released as single on many music platforms (below).

With the relatively rapid increase of personal sound samples over recent months, the next album Tonalibus F & G may be ready for release already in early 2023.

“Phrygian HU” — Phrygian — 8-string guitar, voice, crotales, tanpura — May 2022 — 10:20 — as loop on a separate tab

Tonalibus releases appear globally on many music platforms, including Spotify, Deezer, YouTube Music, Apple Music/iTunes, Amazon, Tidal, KKBox, NetEase, QQ Music/Tencent, Yandex, Anghami, Boomplay, ClaroMusica, iHeartRadio, Joox, Kuack Media, MediaNet, NetEase, Qobuz, Pandora, Saavn, TikTok, Resso and Luna, Triller, Soundtrack by Twitch, etc.

In 2022, just on Spotify, some 90 people in 26 countries listened to Tonalibus releases for an average of over two hours and twenty-two streams each. That is encouraging!

April 23, 2023 Tonalibus concert in Meikirch, Switzerland

Currently a Tonalibus concert is being planned with Ulrico at 5:00 PM on April 23 in Meikirch near Bern. It will be either in the local village church or the Aula of the Gassacker school. Details will follow. You may reserve the date!

Concert sponsor:
of Meikirch, BE.

Personal sounds and playlist updates

November-December 2022 Tonalibus update

Playlist Tonalibus G has grown to 13 pieces, with new:
“Life is great!” — a celebratory meditation — for M
“Conscious derivative” — an island memory
“Gihahatigo Bhairav” — ReachBal contemplation
“Quad Pro square anchored octa Core” — (below)
“HexaNa Gita” — harmonic six-pack
“HeptaNa Gita” — harmonics medley
(available also under sounds of Autumn-Winter 2022)

“Quad Pro square anchored octa Core” — an exploratory journey — OctaCor, Core tonality derivative — 8-string guitar, gongs, harmonium — 9:08 — (loop via right-click, if available)

More derivative tonalities are emerging

The last Tonalibus update presented a first derivative tonality, a term now also in the Glossary:
Derivative tonality not included in the Tonalibus catalogue; slight mutation or challengingly harmonic variety of a catalogued tonality; e.g., HexaBlueUp as slight mutation of BlueUp without 7+, or the various derivatives of Core tonalities.

Six derivative Core tonalities emerged and now complement the corresponding overview visuals (below) but will not further integrate into the Tonalibus catalogue with its 80 tonalities. Derivative Core tonalities include: HexaLocor, Locor, OctaCor, HexaCor, CorMix, and CorMaj / LoloReachLyd. One of these, OctaCor, is the tonality of the above personal sound sample and is unique in that it is the first or so far only octatonality in the Tonalibus framework, i.e. with eight pitches to the octave.

Tonalibus 1e-3 tonalities – 2023-12 – 76
Tonalibus 1e-3 tonalities – 2023-12 – 75
Tonalibus 1e-3 tonalities – 2023-12 – 77
Tonalibus 1e-3 tonalities – 2023-12 – 78
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Tonalibus 1e-3 tonalities - 2023-12 - 76
Tonalibus 1e-3 tonalities - 2023-12 - 75
Tonalibus 1e-3 tonalities - 2023-12 - 77
Tonalibus 1e-3 tonalities - 2023-12 - 78
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Cor(e) tonalities and derivatives are a diverse collection of specific hepta-, hexa-, and pentatonalites, plus one octatonality, with a common core. Though only partially or progressively anchored (with the exception of fully anchored BlueMix), they are uniquely anchored in that they contain all four corners of the sound temple. Besides the fundamental or octave, these include the minor third, tritone, and major sixth. Containing all four corners of the sound temple, they tend towards dissolving tonality. Thus they can open up more freedom in experiencing sound and rather unusual harmony.

In addition to the Cor(e) tonalities presented in the Tonalibus catalogue, there are further derivative Cor(e) tonalities, as shown above. These derivatives are more challenging and delicate to use so that their harmonic qualities carry forth. And even then, they are better used but in small dosage.

Finally, the next Tonalibus update will likely touch on several currently emerging TetraNa derivatives beyond the existing TetraNa progression inversions also not further catalogued. A fundamental miracle of harmonic nature comes increasingly into focus: Regressive tonalities tend to invert themselves naturally and all by themselves to their individual progressive twin tonalities.

New subscription option for immediate blog post alerts

November-December 2022 Tonalibus update

Below in the page footer, besides the monthly Tonalibus newsletter subscription option, it is now also possible to subscribe to immediate brief e-mail alerts whenever a new Tonalibus, Spiritualibus, or Fidibus blog post comes online.

Tonalibus social media presence on Facebook

Tonalibus now has a Facebook page as TonalibusUlrico or Ulrico Sacchet (accessible also under the main menu option “Start”) where some but not all Tonalibus, Spiritualibus, and Fidibus blog posts are shared with friends and a few also with the public.

November-December 2022 Tonalibus update conclusion

Life is great. Happy holiday season and a wonderful 2023!

November-December 2022 Tonalibus update
Old 7-string guitar in the Tonalibus top floor studio flooded by light and sound — July 2022 — Grächwil, Switzerland

September-October 2022 Tonalibus update

This September-October 2022 Tonalibus update highlights the expansion of Tonalibus releases, sounds, playlists, tonalities, images, and this website. And, along with latest sound samples, this update touches on a new spontaneous cooperation project resulting in sound healing concerts.

New Tonalibus releases

September-October 2022 Tonalibus update

On Spotify, Deezer, YouTube Music, Apple Music, and Amazon, as well as many more music platforms:

Just released as single: “चैतन्य Chaitanya – blues” (below) — previously released on the album Tonalibus D & E.

To be released for the first time on November 28, 2022: “Phrygian HU — a meditative blues” — for now as single (then also on next year’s 2023 album Tonalibus F & G).

“Chaitanya – blues” — G# Mixolydian with D# TetraNa / A# Norcor inversion vichitra veena and double 3/4 violin — 9:47

Personal sounds and playlist updates

September-October 2022 Tonalibus update

“An embrace of divine love — no hypocrisy” and “संप्रयाण Saṃprayāṇa — departure from past to future, let’s go!” conclude playlist Tonalibus F “So many colors of reality”, now complete with 11 pieces spanning 112 minutes. The new evolving playlist Tonalibus G “Venturing far out and in” already contains 7 pieces of new meditative music. “Holy sham — a short sound excursion far out” is first in Tonalibus G but last under Summer 2022 Sounds. Further new additions are under the new Autumn-Winter 2022, including two recent cooperation sound samples.

“First encounter of old all new” and “Gentle blue light” are live recordings from the first musical encounter between Punnu Singh Wasu and Ulrico. Within one week, this led to two good size group sound healing concerts in Kiental, Switzerland. (See separate blog post Sound healing.)

“Celebration joy — a new start” manifested to participate virtually in a most special celebration of pure love and joy. This is a meditative fourth birthday wish and welcome on this planet from one side of the world to another. (Below.)

“Celebration joy” — a new start — TetraNa Mixolydian blend — 8-string guitar — 12:05

“No mistake — big sky, beach, rock, pine, broken branch” and “ॐ शान्तिः Om Shanti HU — with Elijah’s bells and cicadas” contain live flute recordings, orthodox church bells, and real cicadas from Hydra, a Greek island that is car-free. “ॐ शान्तिः Om Shanti HU” is further offered as “just chant and pluck”. And, to hear the overtones of low voices, as “plain chant only” (under Sounds and below).

“ॐ शान्तिः Om Shanti HU” — plain chant only — A# — low chanting voices in unison generating overtones — 4:43

Derivative tonalities beyond the catalogue

Derivative tonalities are slight mutations of those eighty in the Tonalibus Catalogue. An example of such surfaced in the recent sound sample “No mistake — big sky, beach, rock, pine, broken branch”. Its tonality description reads: Phrygian on A framing HexaBlueUp (BlueUp without 7+) on E. As such it introduces the new tonality HexaBlueUp as the catalogued BlueUp without its major seventh.

Tonalibus images and website updates

Sounds now presents its many sound samples in a new structure by year (and season), including also the yearly collections of Tonalibus images (previously under About).

Depending on connection limitations and such, there can at times be noticeable delays to load an image collection or a large sound sample. Thank you for your patience.

Some browsers (Firefox, MS Edge, etc.) now offer a loop option by right-clicking an audio item to set it to loop or to get a running loop to stop the next time the piece reaches its end. Sound samples offered on Tonalibus loop pages are often specially configured for looping, differing slightly from their single-play version.

The July 2022 Tonalibus update mentioned an isolated translation problem on this website. In languages other than English, some links targeting a specific place in the body of a page landed on the top of the target page instead of the desired location on that page. The developers of the used translation engine just now corrected this problem!

September-October 2022 Tonalibus update

September-October 2022 Tonalibus update conclusion

Life is great. Enjoy the ride!

Autumn-blue sky glowing above the dusk settling into the valley below — October 2022 — Kiental, Switzerland

Sound healing

Sound healing
Spirit, the divine
De-personified free
Beyond limitations
Looking within
Listening without
Enjoying the ride
Yea, life is great!
A dream of love
Can come true
It always does
When nurtured
With attention
And loving care
Sent on its way
Always forward
And never back
In time ‘nd space
No matter what
This is God’s gift
Present here now
To be embraced
And passed on
One way or other
Your way and mine
With room for us all
To give and receive
The grateful heart
Lights up its world

“First encounter of old all new”

ReachBal — harmonium and voice by Punnu Singh Wasu, 8-string guitar by Ulrico — October 2022 — 8:57 live

“Gentle blue light”

MinReach, Aeolian/HexaMin — mandolin by Punnu Singh Wasu, 8-string guitar by Ulrico — October 2022 — 8:49 live

Sound healing with Punnu Singh Wasu and Ulrico

“Sound Healing is a profound and powerful experience of sound and vibration, which combines live music, pure natural sound, ancient mantras, and soulful vocals. For thousands of years, sound has been utilized in various cultures as a tool for the body, mind, and soul of a person to trigger harmony and healing.
“You can lie comfortably on mats on the floor or sit on a chair/meditation cushion while slowing down your breathing. By doing this, you prepare yourself to get in a meditative state of stillness and become the receiver of sounds. You receive powerful mantras, sound medicine melodies, and other songs accompanied by sacred instruments in order to move in a place of complete relaxation and peace.
“The benefits of sound healing are, among others, stress reduction, deep relaxation, improved sleep, better concentration, and a stronger immune system. Sound healing beneficially affects all cells in your body.”
— Announcement of an evening with Punnu Singh Wasu and Ulrico on October 15 at the Kientalerhof, Switzerland — Catherine Göldlin

Sound healing
Punnu Singh Wasu
Sound healing

August 2022 Tonalibus update

This August 2022 Tonalibus update announces the latest personal sound samples and a change in Spiritualibus blog posts. It concludes with a message on therapeutic music and a personal photo.

Personal sound samples and playlist update

August 2022 Tonalibus update

Playlist Tonalibus F — So many colors of reality will soon conclude and make room to start Tonalibus G. Because by now Tonalibus F already consists of ten pieces and offers some 102 minutes of meditative new music. Most recent additions, which are also under Sounds in Summer 2022, include: “Individual bhajan” — a progression experiment, and “Gratitude in advance” — a true gift.

“Individual bhajan” — concieved as theme for a personal theater production — Phrygian, ReachMin, ReachMix, Mixolydian — 8-string guitar, tingsha cymbals, gong, and double voice — 13:08 — as loop on a separate tab
“Gratitude in advance” — inspired by a gift of true love prepared before the first encounter HexaBluNa or HexaLolo — 7-string guitar, 8-string guitar, crotales, gong, and tampura — 6:10 — as loop on a separate tab

August 2022 Spiritualibus blog update

In recent months it was possible to add comments to new posts on the Spiritualibus Blog. However as of now this capability is no longer available. It was turned off because there were more comments from unidentifiable sources and potential hackers coming in than usable contributions.

Therapeutic music — become a friend of the NSBTM

“Perhaps you have had this experience.  You or a loved one is struggling with pain, depression, fear, sleeplessness, or loss of will. Then someone steps in to say, ‘Let me be with you, just as you are.’ The offer is to share space and music with another without words, judgment or objective to change or modify the other, and without expectation of praise or reward. Many times, music accompanies the sacred liminal space between now and what is to come. This is the role of the therapeutic musician.

“The certified therapeutic musician is a highly trained professional whose objective is to provide intentional music at the bedside and other settings to work together with the other’s mood, body rhythms, culture, and musical preferences to provide comfort care. The anecdotal as well as documented evidence of the benefits of therapeutic music are extensive. Among other valuable results, therapeutic music has been shown to move heart rate, blood pressure, and respirations to more optimal levels and to ease anxiety and reduce pain. This musical support is accomplished at a very low cost and without negative side effects.”

Rachel Christensen, NSBTM Secretary, National Standards Board for Therapeutic Musicians

Reflections of a warm summer evening farewell

August 2022 Tonalibus update
Lights on and bridge over the Aare on a warm summer evening — August 2022 — Bern, Switzerland

July 2022 Tonalibus update

This July 2022 Tonalibus update highlights some website changes. It announces the new main menu language selection and links to the Tonalibus / Ulrico pages on some major global music platforms. First though, it presents the latest playlist and sound sample additions. And it concludes with a spiritual reminder quote and a an fascinating 8-second video clip.

Playlist and sound sample updates

“New moon rising” — a sensitive welcome — 4:52 — 8-string guitar — ReachNaBalas loop on a separate tab

New additions to playlist Tonalibus F and/or the Summer 2022 collection of personal sound samples include the following pieces:
1) “New moon rising” — a sensitive welcome — 4:52 — 8-string guitar — ReachNaBal — (above)
2) “Let’s talk” — a personal manifesto — 13:21 — double 8-string guitar, voice, and gongs — based on the four corners of the sound temple, from PentaCor, via HexaCorMix to LoReachUpMix and back
3) “Let’s listen” — a personal meditation — 13:21 — double 8-string guitar and gongs — based on the four corners of the sound temple, from PentaCor, via HexaCorMix to LoReachUpMix and back — plain instrumental version of “Let’s talk” without voice — (under Summer 2022)
4) And there are corresponding new extra tonality sound samples for ReachNaBal and PentaCor.

July 2022 Tonalibus update on menu options and translations

The page Contact of this website is now accessible as the last secondary menu option under About.

Under Start you now find links to the Tonalibus / Ulrico pages on some major music platforms.

 July 2022 Tonalibus update

The language selection option for English, German, French, or Italian is now a main menu option.

 July 2022 Tonalibus update

The Tonalibus website currently experiences isolated translation problems. In English all works well. But in German, French, and Italian some links that target a specific place in the body of a page land on the top of the target page instead of the desired location on that page. This happens e.g. with the link Blog Posts by Month, a secondary main menu option under Spiritualibus Blog, with some links as loop with recent sound samples, or with some tonality subgroup menu links like for Pentatonalities. The provider of the currently used translation engine is busy working on resolving this.

An old spiritual reminder quote as July 2022 update

“I have no special message to give but to remind you of the teaching of Maharaj Sawan Singh Ji, which he impressed on us all through his life and which constitutes the essence of the teachings of the saints of all times. What is their mission in this world? Saints are men of God, who come here on a mission of mercy to lead the suffering humanity back to the feet of God. That is their only mission in life. They come not to divide but to unite and are above the narrow distinctions of caste and creed. They do not wish to create new sects or castes, though when they pass away, their followers lose sight of their real teachings and take to various types of ritualism and narrow down the teachings, meant for the whole humanity, to particular sects and schools. This gives rise to castes or creeds and even bigotry and fanaticism; but there are no such differences in saints.

“Saints of all ages and countries have the same message to give, the same truth to teach. They tell us that the soul is a spark of the divine flame, but its light here is dimmed by mind and maya. They teach us how to pierce these veils and get united again to our source or origin.”

Message to overseas disciples in 1957 from Maharaj Charan Singh

A maple leaf, angular tracks, and freedom of light

Sunlight through foliage caressing the ground around a maple leaf — 8 seconds — July 2022 — Chanhassen, MN