December 2023 Tonalibus update

December 2023 Tonalibus update
Sound sample of BlueReach — a triton or blues tonality new in the catalogue
BlueReach on F# (rel 438.2) — 8-string guitar — 4:32
“One more step, and yet another” — happy trails!
Sound sample of BlueMaj — a triton or blues tonality new in the catalogue
BlueMaj on F# (rel 438.2) — 8-string guitar, faint tanpura — 3:17
“What goes up, and what comes down” — watch out!
December 2023 Tonalibus update
“The river’s current” — free flow spontaneity — (one of four recordings with Christina Braun in November 2023 sounds)
Phrygian based on E (rel. 435 Hz) — Christina Braun: voice — Ulrico: 7-string guitar, bass bowl — 6:40
December 2023 Tonalibus update

November 2023 Tonalibus update

November 2023 Tonalibus update
“Starlight before dawn” — CorMix on F# — 8-string guitar, tingsha cymbal pair, faint tanpura — October 2023 — 3:44
November 2023 Tonalibus update
November 2023 Tonalibus update
PentaBluNaLa — calm sound sample — 8-string guitar — November 2023 — 2:29
November 2023 Tonalibus update

Sept-Oct 2023 Tonalibus update

This Sept-Oct 2023 Tonalibus update highlights the conclusion of Playlist K and the creation of Playlist L and Sept-Oct 2023 sounds. Further, it touches on the development of Individual tonality. This new Fidibus offer in the making will be an aid to select personal tonalities to form one’s own compositions and eventually personal sound mantras. Finally, this update mentions some issues with the Tonalibus website.

Sept-Oct 2023 Tonalibus playlist and sounds update

Sept-Oct 2023 Tonalibus update

Playlist K is now complete with 14 pieces covering 80½ minutes of summer 2023 recordings. Last additions were:
“Calmly breathe in, out, and in again” — Kumbhaka base
“कुम्भक Kumbhaka” — between in and out, out and in — for M-A

“कुम्भक Kumbhaka” — ReachBal (double harmonic/Gypsy major) on G# — fretted vichitra veena, lap slide guitar, conch, tanpura — 8:54
Sept-Oct 2023 Tonalibus update

The new Playlist L and Sept-Oct 2023 sounds already contain:
“Ma Sa Papa” — hearts long for peace
“Among suns, moons, and stars” — a hopeful blues — (below)
“Das Mülirad isch broche, Simelibärg!” — go in peace — for KHT

“Among suns, moons, and stars” — MinBlue on G — 5-string guitar, lap slide guitar, gong, tanpura — 8:40

Individual tonality selection development update

Sept-Oct 2023 Tonalibus update

To systematically select personal tonalities and eventually aid in forming one’s own personal sound mantras, Individual tonalities is forming in the Fidibus shop. The previous update announced Sound as mantra, Fundamental pitch, and Chromatic pitches. Now the first option under Individual tonalities, Harmonic base, is complete for all twelve chromatic pitches. And the format of the first of two steps of Individual tetratonality to select one of eight root or tetratonalities is in fine-tuning and accessible as draft only. Stay tuned for more to come.

Update on Tonalibus website issues

Sept-Oct 2023 Tonalibus update

At times, the Tonalibus site, supposedly its multi-lingual plugin, consumes excessive CPU and memory from its hosting server. In late September, this caused CPU errors that impacted the site’s database and made it unavailable for a few days until the excellent tech-support of Cyon, the hosting provider, was able to remove the blockage. But issues remain with the translations plugin and still impact the response time of translated pages on the Tonalibus site. Thank you for your patience!

May you prosper and live in peace and freedom!

August 2023 Tonalibus update

This August 2023 Tonalibus update highlights the evolution of Playlist K and July-August 2023 sounds, as well as Sound as mantra, a newly forming Fidibus offer to aid one’s creation of personal sound mantras. Further, it touches on the harmonics cycle and universal harmony, and concludes with a poetic quote and a photo.

August 2023 Tonalibus playlist and sounds update

August 2023 Tonalibus update

Playlist K has now grown to 12 pieces covering 66 minutes of new recordings. New pieces include:
“Calling the divine” — hearts connect directly
“Balancing up and down” — extensive calm (below)
“Go with God” — a final blessing — in memory of Stivensky
and “Pulsating through life” — lead on! (below).
They are also available under July-August 2023 sounds.

“Pulsating through life” — lead on! HexaMin on G# w/a touch Aeolian — 5-string guitar, lap slide guitar, bass, conch — 4:00

Sound as mantra — tonality in action

August 2023 Tonalibus update

Individual sound mantras were an original Tonalibus offer that was dropped a while back. Now Sound as mantra is forming in the Fidibus shop. Its aim is to enable you to create your own personal sound mantras. Individual fundamental pitch, a first step, is now available, as well as the aide of chromatic pitches. Individual tonality selection is more complex and currently under construction to be realized and posted in stages.

“Balancing up and down” — extensive calm LoloReachMin on D — 8-string guitar & tanpura — 3:58

Harmonics cycle and universal harmony

August 2023 Tonalibus update

Images of the harmonics cycle as fusion of regularity and irregularity are now available also under concepts highlights.

Is there a universal harmony we live by and can recognize? Reflected also in tonalities? Experience in the present moment can affirm this. Can you hear the music of the spheres? There is an infinite abundance of ways of life and harmony — no one and only way! While here now, we are one and the same — as well as each one individually unique, each distinctly different from all others.

August 2023 Tonalibus update conclusion

“Sea, mountain, grass and trees,
even machine, car, gasoline, computer —
— they do not belong to people.
They are already alive. Even our body is not ours.
We are simply lives facing one another —
so we resonate, rebel, grow angry, cry, laugh,
and dance with them.”

Atsushi Takenouchi, 舞踏 Butō dancer and instructor

August 2023 Tonalibus update
Setting for a Butō evening fire dance — August 2023 — Kiental, Switzerland

July 2023 Tonalibus update

This July 2023 Tonalibus update touches on two recent concert adventures and highlights the rapid emergence of Playlist K “Refreshing as a summer breeze”. Further, it announces slight changes in the website menu structure and the expansion of the main page of the Spiritualibus blog.

Two recent Tonalibus concerts in early July

July 2023 Tonalibus update

On Thursday July 6, Ursula Huggenberger and Tonalibus Ulrico presented a natural sound journey in the glorious acoustics of the Fideris church, Grisons. Live recordings, photos, and a brief story of this event are available under July 2023 live sounds. Further, a three and a half minute video clip is on Instagram. (Click on the crossed out speaker icon for sound).

July 2023 Tonalibus update

On Saturday July 1, the Schlimo summer fest ’23 celebrated with an open-air concert and theater on the grounds of a magnificent estate in Gurzelen near Thun. Tonalibus Ulrico provided the opening of the live program with “Sound carpets, as refreshing as a summer breeze”. (There are no recordings from this event. Click on photo to the left to enlarge.)

July 2023 Tonalibus playlists update

July 2023 Tonalibus update

Playlist K “Refreshing as a summer breeze” follows Playlist J, which was announced complete in June. So far Playlist K has already grown to present eight pieces covering forty-four minutes of new improvisations, such as some from the Fideris sound journey and a few with a new lap slide guitar, including “Fused oriental occident and occidental orient” (below).

“Fused…” — ReachMin (Phrygian dominant) on G# — fretted vichitra veena, lap slide guitar, crotales, tanpura — 8:01

Tonalibus website update of July 2023

July 2023 Tonalibus update

The main menu structure changed slightly in the order of its options. In the Fidibus shop, all Playlists now appear grouped with all their titles. Tonalities of the month moved under Tonalities, and Chromaticism and modulation under Concepts. Further, the main page of the Spiritualibus blog received a new look. It now includes short blog excerpts in the list of the most recent posts of all categories and of Omnibus posts.

Best wishes from the heart!