A lion’s roar

(In 1973 Ulrico wrote the original version of this poem in German.)

8-string guitar, multiple fujara, tenor recorder, and voice — May 2020 — 2:26 as loop on a separate tab
A lion's roar
Body, heart, and spirit encounter with the divine — a view from the Tonalibus balcony — May 2024 — Switzerland

Life, love, and the divine

Lydian on C# (276 Hz) — 8-string guitar, big gong, tanpura — 7:05
Life, love, and the divine
Ancient guardian tree reaching far up into the sky with all arms — April 2024 — above Grubenwald, Switzerland

Why am I still here

ReachMin / Phrygian dominant on C# (138 Hz) w/a touch of Bairagi Bhairav pakad — 8-string guitar, crotales — 11:30
Why am I still here
Original unaltered colors before sunrise — November 2022 — Lake Winnisquam, Sanbornton, New Hampshire

Crazed into a spell

Crazed into a spell
Of one view only
To the exclusion
Of everyone else
Trampling others
With hardly regard
Putting down most
But one’s very own
Overbearing at best
Or, rather at worst
That is how come
Humanity may fail
If enough do insist
Without letting go
Of their own craze
Seeing one way
As the only one
Vilifying others
Feeds friction
Instead of love
As they all claim
Unity mandated
Shall fall apart
Sooner or later
And make room
For love’s bloom.

“Humpbacks breach the surface” — a dreamscape

TetraNa w/ Norcor inversion, Dorian, PentaMin / PentaEol — 8-string guitar and bass — 9:30 — April 2022 — composed as antidote to war (in the Ukraine, and now also in the Middle East)

From “I Heard The Owl Call My Name” by Margaret Craven

I think it is time you knew of Tagoona, the Eskimo. Last year one of our white men said to him, “We are glad you have been ordained as the first priest of your people. Now you can help us with their problem.” Tagoona asked, “What is a problem?” and the white man said, “Tagoona, if I held you by your heels from a third-story window, you would have a problem.” Tagoona considered this long and carefully. Then he said, “I do not think so. If you saved me, all would be well. If you dropped me, nothing would matter. It is you who would have the problem.” — p. 70

A survivor’s next generation bloom — crazed into a spell?

Crazed into a spell
White mantevila / diphladenia that survived a winter inside — September 2023 — near Bern, Switzerland

Total honesty

Total honesty
Within and out
Turns invincible
To the extent
Of realization
In motivation
In freedom
No different
From physical
Cast in bodies
Attitudes vary
As cycles churn
So many lessons
Aiming to unfold
Not artificial
But all alive
In meaning
Target truth
But difficult
One for all
Or all for one
Total honesty
Within and out
All life and love.

“From here to now” — on a flying carpet

Phrygian on E — 6-string guitar, voice, tenor recorder, bass bowl — 7:39

شمس تبریزی — Shams-i Tabrīzī, Persian poet, 1185–1248

“No matter what people call you, you are just who you are. Keep to this truth. You must ask yourself how is it you want to live your life. We live and we die, this is the truth that we can only face alone. No one can help us. So consider carefully, what prevents you from living the way you want to live your life?”

“The whole universe is sum up in the Human Being.
Devil is not a monster waiting to trap us,
He is a voice inside.
Look for Your Devil in Yourself,
not in the Others.
Don’t forget that the one who knows his Devil,
knows his God.”

Shams-i Tabrīzī, as quoted on many internet platforms, e.g. Goodreads, A-Z Quotes, etc.

Hear it, see it, feel it, and pass it on — in total honesty

Total honesty
(photo by Karin Gsöllpointner)
Total honesty
June 2023, Kiental, Switzerland