No price is too high

PhrygBlue on C# (rel. 432 Hz) — Celtic harp, lap slide guitar, voice — 8:44
No price is too high
Spectacular colors announcing the rising of the sun over the Alps — November 2023 — near Bern, Switzerland

Knots open themselves

HexaBlue on C# — 8-string guitar, sopranino recorder — 7:25
Knots open themselves
Three-legged Luna relaxed in soft and diverse company — October 2023 — at home in Switzerland

A spiritual being

TetraNaLa, PentaProLa / PentaIon (pentatonic major), HexaBluNa / HexaLolo, TetraNa, & derivatives — voice duet with Karin Gsöllpointner, 7-string guitar, bass bowl, tanpura — 8:17
A spiritual being
Sunset over the Mediterranean — October 2023 — spiaggia del Riso, Notteri, Sardegna — photo by Karin Gsöllpointner

What else matters?

What else matters?
The sound is loud
The light is bright
The divine is present
Spirit is in everything
Everywhere and always
What else matters?
Balance and peace
Of heart and mind
Detachment to be
Trusting life and love
Guidance and protection
That things are as needed
To take the next step
In consciousness
Unfolding soul
Into realization
Observing God
Realizing itself
Every moment
Here and now
No matter what
Tries to block the way
Used as stepping stone
To move on beyond
Root into giving
Mostly being
In the moment
Free in divine love
What else matters?

“Mischief or miss a chief” — PentaBluNaLa with chant

PentaBluNaLa on C# — 8-string guitar, double voice, tanpura — 5:01

“The Conference / Speech of the Birds” مقامات الطیور / منطق الطیر

Are we alive or dead?
Where is that king
with all the answers?
We’ve come all this way.
Let us see him!
We made it through
all these valleys!

They were only
an illusion, birds, a dream.
We’ve been through nothing.
We are just now
at the beginning
of our journey.

— “The Conference of the Birds”, Peter Sís / Farid Ud-Din Attar فریدالدین

What else matters?
Right before sunrise over the ocean — October 2023 — Porto Giunco, Sardinia

What if you love people

What if you love people
But let go of organization
Found misrepresentation
In projections and actions
Beyond a polished surface
It becomes unacceptable
To divide the indivisible
As many hold on tight
To nurturing illusions
Until one realizes
That it is the divine
Spirit, light, and sound
Most of all the love of God
That carries everyone and all
Beyond what humans grasp
With mind and emotions
But all embrace at heart
Giving each life to start
Consciousness to unfold
The present moment now
Words speak silence listens
Genuinely real and honest
To live in peace and love.

“Happy cat’s meow” — head and heart

PentaMin / PentaEol (pentatonic minor) on C# — bass, lap slide guitar, double 8-string guitar — 4:26

What if you love people — inclusive or exclusive?

“The problem with religions of the world is that one who has gained insight into the nature of [spirit] soon learns that they are but social institutions. Their liberation involves, among other things, the realization that it is a myth and not a fact. It is a liberation from certain social injustices; but not a liberation from karma and the gaining of spiritual unfoldment which leads to God-realization.”

— The Shariyat-Ki-Sugmad, Books One & Two, Paul Twitchell, pp. 243-244

How many colors can be in one rose? How much love?

What if you love people
Multi-colored rose – another miracle of nature — October 2023 — Grächwil, Switzerland