Harmonic Pivots

We can realize harmonic pivots, as shown in The Harmonic Pivot and Anchor Tones, the first module of the five-part course series Harmonic and Tonality Fundamentals, when things appear or we see them in full alignment. Then we may recognize universal harmony, or what some call the music of the spheres, in more or less conscious realizations of our individual and collective experiences.

Harmonic Pivots — a visual representation

Silent video loop — once started, it plays until stopped or going to another page on this tab. Also, you can manually move through the video images at your own pace by sliding the video dot horizontally. And you may play the sound loop below.

Personal sound sample

“As God Realizes the Moment” — 8-string guitar, multiple fujara, tenor recorder, and voice — May 2020 — 2:33 loop