Harmonic Realization Shift

Harmonic pitch distribution anchors in octaves (powers of 2) and quints (3 and multiples). The harmonic realization shift reconciles linear fundamentals and correlations with nonlinear curved actuality in relative harmony. One halftone step shifts from lower to upper units of the octave. Thus, one unit space is extracted increasingly from the upper, and distributed decreasingly to the lower tetrachord halftone step spaces — as shown in Harmonics Base and the Realization Shift, the second presentation module of the five-part course series Harmonic and Tonality Fundamentals.

Harmonic Realization Shift — a visual summary

Silent video loop — once started, it plays until stopped or going to another page on this tab. Also, you can manually move through the video images at your own pace by sliding the video dot horizontally. And you may play the sound loop below.

Personal sound sample

“Courtesy of Grace” — Hang — August 2020 — 2:29 loop