Chromatic pitches

Here, each of the twelve chromatic pitches can be individually accessed as short seven to ten second sound sample or as loop, with three or more plain octaves on 8-string guitar and tanpura.

In case you don’t have any other tool to do so, this page may be used as aide to cross-check and name any present pitch, as well as possibly to determine one’s personal fundamental pitch. By sampling pitches of the chromatic scale below, you can determine which one matches or comes closest to your pitch.

It is possible that your pitch is between two adjacent chromatic pitches. In that case you can note these two adjacent pitches and as possible determine which one of the two is closer. The sound samples are relative to A = 438.2 Hz in Pythagorean Dᵇ tuning. Standard A = 440 Hz tuning would be minimally higher and A = 432 Hz tuning slightly, i.e. an eighth step, lower.

If you are looking to determine your personal fundamental pitch at this moment, you may want to take notes as to how strongly each of the chromatic pitches resonates within you, e.g. on a scale of one to ten, to help you narrow your choice down to one pitch — your personal fundamental pitch.

Sound samples of the twelve chromatic pitches

A loop, once activated, will have to be explicitly stopped before activating another one on this page, otherwise multiple samples will sound simultaneously.

7 to 10 second sound samples

A — 7 seconds
A# — 10 seconds
B — 8 seconds
C — 8 seconds
C# — 9 seconds
D — 7 seconds
D# — 9 seconds
E — 7 seconds
F — 8 seconds
F# — 8 seconds
G — 8 seconds
G# — 7 seconds

Looping sound samples

A — drone loop
A# — drone loop
B — drone loop
C — drone loop
C# — drone loop
D — drone loop
D# — drone loop
E — drone loop
F — drone loop
F# — drone loop
G — drone loop
G# — drone loop
Twelve-step tone palette